Hair fall Treatment In Pune 

Hair Fall Treatment


For many years, ISSAC Luxe has been treating patients with hair transplants. With the aid of personnel that has received worldwide training and the most up-to-date methods available for hair transplant surgeries, ISSAC Luxe has a 95% success rate.


Through hair transplant therapy, ISSAC Luxe continues to assist clients in treating baldness and severe hair loss. Here are some reasons to pick ISSAC Luxe for the top Hair fall Treatment In Pune.

Reason of Hairloss


The vast majority of individuals lose 50–100 hairs per day, based on the American Academy of Dermatology Association, as old hair is shed and new hair develops from the identical hair follicles.


Nevertheless, hair loss might occasionally occur more quickly. Further hair loss may be caused by a number of reasons, including:


Chemotherapy and various other medications scar alopecia, where inflammation kills hair follicles from genetic or inherited causes, which health professionals refer to as androgenetic alopecia at an older age, owing to decreased hair development alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disorder.


Plucking or yanking the hair, for example, while straightening or curling it. Dietary deficiencies, such as a lack of biotin, zinc, iron, or proteins; arsenic, thallium, mercury, or lithium poisoning; using excessive amounts of vitamin A or selenium supplements; and other conditions.

When Should You Meet Your Dermatologist For Hair Fall Treatment In Pune


Most of the time, hair loss is unrelated to general health problems. A person may want to see a doctor if they are worried about hair loss or if it impacts their mental health.


People should perhaps consult a medical expert for advice if they encounter any of the following signs:


  1. Unusual or abrupt hair loss
  2. Loss of hair with itching and burning
  3. Clumps of hair falling out
  4. Bald patches appearing

An underlying ailment may require therapy for a person. A dermatologist can also assist in identifying an appropriate course of treatment.

5 Steps Procedure of Hairfall Treatment In Pune


Step1: Personalized consultation for each patient, whether they contact to inquire or simply walk right into our office.

Step 2: A smooth medical interaction that is polite and kind

Step 3: Two-tier counseling by skilled medical professionals, a surgeon, and personnel, without any unfulfilled rhetoric.

Step 4: Get a hair fall treatment utilizing the most recent worldwide technology in a reliable and safe manner.

Step 5: Post-treatment assistance and supervision with frequent check-ins with our treatment team


Q. 1 – Can hair that is thinning regrow?

Ans. – Depending on the cause of hair loss. For instance, hair that is lost as a result of cancer therapy often begins to come back three to six months following the treatment. Usually 6 to 9 months after giving birth, hair that has lost growth returns. Age-related hair loss may be treated medically to encourage growth.

Q.2 – Why is my hair fading out of nowhere?

Ans. – Numerous factors, such as stress, an underlying disease, and some medical interventions, can cause rapid hair loss. Anyone who has unusual or abrupt hair loss should consult a doctor.