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hair transplantation

Hair loss is an extremely unpleasant experience for most men. Thinning hair, a widow’s high, a receding hairline, a balding crown, or beard bald spots are all signs of this. In many circumstances, the advanced, proprietary HST hair transplantation procedure is a long-term option for restoring a natural head of hair.

Obtain a professional evaluation.

Hair loss in men appears to be caused by a mix of genes and circulating androgens, especially DHT. However, baldness can be caused by a wide variety of factors. As a result, when considering a hair transplant, a thorough diagnosis is critical.

Our Aestheticians will conduct a detailed assessment of your unique condition during a free consultation. We’ll talk about your health and your goals together. We will provide you with a complete treatment plan depending on this medical diagnosis.

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation is the gold standard for men’s hair transplants (HST). The ophisticated HST procedure produces the greatest, most natural result of all the hair transplant alternatives. The collected grafts are extremely small, resulting in a thicker hair implant and a natural-looking result that will last a lifetime.

HST harnesses the power of nature by relying on the ability of human stem cells to regenerate. The novel procedure is distinguished by the fact that only a little portion of the follicle is extracted from the donor location, rather than the full follicle.

Multiple hairs from a same follicle

This is a tiny miracle: a single graft with this regeneration potential can result in numerous hairs (hair follicle). The new grafts are closely spaced, resulting in good hair density and a lovely, natural-looking hairline.

Extra strength:

By providing the grafts an extra boost, a specific, patented preservation solution encourages growth and boosts viability. Our advanced hair transplantation process, which encourages hair growth in both the receptor and donor areas, is built on this integrated approach. On the back of the head, HST rarely creates bald areas or scars. Any future transplants will be achievable in this manner.

A higher standard of living

Every customer has a unique narrative to tell about why he or she decided to get a hair transplant. A good head of hair affects not just your appearance but also your self-esteem.

Result that lasts a lifetime

A effective hair transplant requires permanent, outward manifestations in both the transplant and donor areas. Every customer has a unique reason for getting a HST hair transplant and a unique narrative to tell.