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Instasculpt facial

Instasculpt (Facial Kit)

Instasculpt (Facial Kit) experience the luxury of a derma facial at the comfort of your home. The adverse COVID-19 crisis has tremendously impacted our lives leaving it so uncertain and unpredictable. The situation has led us to avoid unnecessary movement and strictly practice social distancing. Even though the situation is evolving and we are entering a phase of de-confinement, stepping out for beauty treatments, might be a matter of apprehension for many, hence we bring to you a derma facial at the comfort of your home.

Dr Geetika is a dermatologist in Mumbai at ISAAC Luxe where you can get the popular k-beauty insta sculpt for your skin. Choose the best for your skin and hair with Dr Geetika. 

About Instasculpt Kit

The facial kit comprises multiple skincare products and equipment that can be used to take your skin to the next level. It includes: Auriga Vitamin C Serum, Sunscreen, ISAAC Insta Sculpt for Face, Brow and Eyelash Serum, Whitening Lifting Face pack, Eye Cream, Jade Roller, Peel Towel, Brush and a Headband. Auriga Vitamin C Serum is an Anti-ageing Radiance Enhancing Flavo-C Serum that helps eliminate wrinkles, dull skin and uneven complexion. The sunscreen is a UVA and UVB protectant.

 ISAAC Insta Sculpt for face is a versatile K- beauty treatment that infuses CO2 into the skin for a hydrated and smoother skin. Brow & Eyelash Serum’s formulation includes biotin to strengthen brow and lash hairs and giving it a more fuller and thicker appearance. Whitening Lifting Face pack embodies a concentration of peptides and natural plant extracts that will brighten the skin instantly. Jade Roller helps stimulating circulation and leave face muscles more relaxed. An eye cream along with a peel towel, brush and a hairband equips well to achieve that clinical glow while staying indoors.


Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Insta Sculpt will visibly diminish fine lines, age spots and wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

Gives instant lift and brightens the skin

Cellulite reduction and complexion improvement due to enhanced blood circulation

Reduces Open Pores

Re-hydrates tired damaged skin as the treatment is hydrating, enlarged pores appear smaller and spots minimized.

Acne & Pigmentation

Brightening of darkened skin tone, smoothness of old scars, skin appears healthier and more youthful.