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Tixel Treatment
Tixel Treatment in delhi,Tixel Treatment in Mumbai,Tixel Treatment in Gurgaon


Tixel treatment is used to treat skin wrinkles and acne scars. It is a very popular treatment among skincare enthusiasts. The pixel is not a laser but it is a new device that uses thermomechanical energy to repair and remodel the skin.


It has a gold-plated metallic tip. The Cape has 81 pyramid-shaped spikes that are pressed on the skin. The whole treatment is about applying these pyramid-shaped tips to the skin.


According to the extent of treatment, you need the pressure and the duration of the application can be decided. 


Tixel Treatment in Delhi Process 

  • Tixel treatment involves a procedure that includes a heated metal plate with 81 pyramid-shaped spikes. 
  • The doctor diagnoses your skin to find out the extent of application that you need.
  • As the tip of the device is rolled on your skin small channels are created which will be used as pathways that stimulate collagen building. 
  • Skin improving products are infused through the channels for example vitamin A for skin lightening agents to treat dark spots. 
  • The procedure is relatively fast and needs less downtime for a complete end result. 
  • Post-Treatment Recommendations for Tixel Treatment


Tixel treatment is a method that helps you to get rid of loose and saggy skin. We provide you with the best technology and experts to look at every aspect with utmost care and detail.


This treatment gives you a chance to get back your lost youth and charm. It helps in tightening the skin and lightening the acne scars.


The best part about it is that it has long-lasting results and it requires very minimal downtime. It can be done on all skin types and is majorly preferred for old-aged people.

Post-Treatment Recommendations for Tixel Treatment in Gurgaon

Post-treatment care is required no matter how big the procedure is. It is in the patient’s hands to make sure that they do the right thing. Tixel Treatment in Mumbai

  • Do not touch the surface of the treatment area unnecessarily
  • Use the aftercare products given by the doctor religiously
  • If you observe small wounds, do not pick on them. 
  • Reduce excessive Sun exposure
  • Do not wear heavy cosmetic products
  • The skin surface is always clean
  • Drinking water avoid stressing out and get enough sleep

Side Effects of Tixel Treatment In Delhi

Side effects are inevitable no matter what the treatment is because it all depends on how your skin is receiving. Tixel Treatment in Gurgaon


  • Minor skin irritations can be a side effect of the treatment. 
  • The needles cause small wounds on the skin.
  • Due to excess pressure of the needles, the skin could bleed. 
  • There are chances of infection if proper care is not taken. 
  • The wounds can cause bruising if picked upon. 
  • It may lead to skin peeling in some cases.
  • Other side effects include redness and itching. 

Benefits of Tixel Treatment

Tixel treatment is one of the popular skincare treatments available and the reason for it is because it has numerous benefits. Tixel Treatment in delhi

  • It helps in lightening acne scars 
  • It helps to tighten wrinkled skin
  • It is a relatively fast treatment
  • It can be done on all skin types
  • It gives long-lasting results
  • There is minimal downtime required
  • Post-treatment care is easy and can be performed at home


    Q1. Which age groups can have Tixel Treatment?

    Ans – It is recommended for age groups in the Thirties and above. If someone below this age group wants to take this treatment then they must consult the doctor properly.

    Q2. Is it scientifically proven?

    Ans – Yes it is scientifically proven and tested on the majority of people successfully.

    Q3. Does it cause any side effects?

    Ans – Few bruises and redness may occur which is common and can heal in 2-3 days with proper medication.

    Q4. Which areas can Tixel treatment cover?

    Ans – It can cover major parts of the head such as the Face, eyelids, neck, head and décolletage.

    Q5. How long does Tixel treatment last?

    Ans – This treatment lasts up to more than a year with proper medication.

    Q6. How many sessions and time does it take in the treatment?

    Ans – It is usually recommended 3 months with 1 month spaced and then a follow-up treatment for 6-12 months.

    Q7. Does it cause extreme pain?

    Ans – No it does not do so but a little pinched and warm feel might feel to you. It depends on one person to another.