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    Advanced PRP- Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy or GFC Therapy

    Growth factor concentrate therapy or GFC therapy is a growth factor made from human blood cells that is very safe and effective and provides very natural results.

    Many growth factors have been added to blood platelets. The collected GFC is then provided for treatment with special tools and equipment. All procedures are nonpyrogenic, safe, and spontaneously regenerate damaged tissue without loss of platelets. Since the treatment is done without contamination from the patient’s blood, it has no side effects, it is safe, clean and effective.

    This is the best way to replace lost hair after hair transplant. The latest and greatest hair loss treatment, GFC treatment in Bangalore requires only 3-4 sessions to deliver the desired results.

    Blood platelets contain a variety of growth factors that support cell growth, migration, and differentiation, as well as tissue regeneration and repair. As a result, each GFC works differently in preventing hair loss. Here it is below:

    What are the symptoms of hair loss_

    Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)

    Why Choose Coolsculpting?

    Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)


    PRP is a biological product or part of autologous blood plasma with the aforementioned basic concentration of platelets. It has a variable result each time. Single spin or double spin techniques were used where removal of red blood cells and white blood cells was difficult. Even the healing effect was associated with a bouquet of procedural pain and inflammation. There have been many problems with the use of this therapy for the treatment of hair loss – it does not provide growth factors but platelets, no standardized protocols have been included, clarity of quality and quantity has not been determined, conflicting results and complexity of the procedure.

    The GFC treatment is also derived from the patient’s blood, and only high concentrations of growth factors are derived from platelet activation. Thus, there is no loss of platelets and the overall procedure is easy to perform. Additionally, unlike PRP, GFC can be stored for 8 hours at room temperature and 4 degrees Celsius for seven days. Thus, the overall results are optimal, with minimal likelihood of pain, inflammation and infection, and the entire procedure takes less time.

    What are the directions for use?

    What are the advantages of GFC Therapy?

    Advantages of GFC Therapy:-

    The next generation hair loss treatment, GFC Therapy provides a higher quality growth factor treatment.

    How much does GFC Therapy treatment cost?

    GFC therapy treatment is an innovative hair loss treatment and superiorly better than PRP at very very affordable price. Depending upon the treated area, it offers visible results within the first sessions of the therapy. On an average, it costs in between 5000 – 15000 per session depending upon the centres.

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