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Jet Peel Facial Treatment | Dolphin Facial

Jet Peel Facial: Infusing Serum Like Never Befor

Indulge in the extraordinary Jet Peel Facial, a cutting-edge skincare solution that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and glowing like never before.

A Non-Invasive Treatment!

Jet peel facial or Dolphin facial is a non-invasive procedure that uses jets of air and liquids to cleanse & exfoliate your skin and promotes lymphatic drainage. The purpose of this treatment is to irrigate your skin and deliver serums right into the dermis revitalising your skin cells, helping your body produce more collagen with rejuvenating results.

A Customised Solution To Irrigate Your Face

That Facial uses a jet stream to spray serums according to your requirement. You can do with an anti-aging, skin-lightening formula, if you have acne, go for the mandelic & salicylic treatment and then this treatment also includes booster shots to give you that plump and supple skin.

The Jet Peel Facial Procedure

  • The skin is cleansed first to remove all impurities.
  • The machine is then adjusted at a comfortable distance from the face.
  • Serums are then infused in your skin with high-pressure to deliver them right into
    the dermis.
  • Serum is selected basis your requirement.

    Combining It With LED Mask

    The jet spray technique really works by cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, oxygenating and micro-circulating. In essence, an oxygenating set of saline solution eliminates dead skin cells, enabling oxygen to penetrate, followed by LED mask as per your requirement.

    Red LED stimulates collagen production, enhances blood circulation and promotes cell regeneration.

    Blue LED light has powerful antibacterial properties. It helps to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation and regulate sebum production.

    Pink LED light is used to rejuvenate and promote skin healing.

    Taking care of

    • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
    • Uneven Skin Tones
    • Dry Skin
    • Dark Circles, Under eye bags
    • Sun Damage
    • Loose Skin
    • Enlarged Pores
    • Signs of aging
    • Acne & Blackheads
    • Oily & Congested Pores

    If the eight liters of water is not cutting for you, go for the super hydrating Dolphin Facial.
    Because of the pressure wash from the jet, your skin might look red and flushed, but
    that is only for a few hours

    Non-invasive Hair PRP for you only @isaacluxe

    Wondering how that is possible? Introducing the Dolphin hair treatment harnesses the power of a high-velocity jet stream of saline solution combined with oxygen and other nutrients.

    Here’s the catch! We combine dolphin treatment with PRP for painless therapy. The mixture exfoliates the epidermis while delivering PRP directly to the scalp, where the platelet infusion can aid in hair growth regeneration. The technology deposits growth factors into the scalp without the use of a needle.

    FDA Approved technology

    This is an FDA-approved technology and is also effective in treating dry scalp and dandruff. By increasing oxygen flow to your scalp, it helps your hair follicles get access to more nutrients, resulting in thicker and healthier hair.

    Dolphin treatment is a gentle, yet powerful jet stream of micro droplets that combine oxygen and water and other skin nutrients.

    The Selective Care, Scalp & Hair complex is a synergy of nourishing, and renewing ingredients, selected for their advanced scalp and hair rejuvenation impact. In conjunction with the JetPeel jet pressure energy effect, the scalp and hair receive enhanced galvanizing power.

    The Dolphin Hair treatment procedure

    • The scalp is cleansed to remove any dirt, oil, or impurities
    • A handheld device is used to administer a high-velocity jet stream of saline solution onto the scalp to exfoliate and unclog hair follicles
    • Additional nutrients, vitamins, or hair growth-boosting solutions may be added to the saline solution to enhance the treatment

    Taking care of

    • Dry, flaky scalp
    • Baldness
    • Oily, itchy scalp

    Hence, the Dolphin Hair Treatment revolutionizes hair care with its non-invasive approach. Experience the convenience, effectiveness, and beauty of a non-invasive solution for your hair needs at ISAAC Luxe.