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vaginal rejuvenation

You may notice aging in your face first but other areas of your body are also affected – including your vagina and external genitalia. As oestrogen levels drop with age the internal vaginal walls can lose strength and thickness while the external ‘lips’ can thin and lose their plump, healthy pink look.

But it’s not just aging that can take its toll. The stress of child birth can also affect sensation in the region as the vaginal walls undergo some significant pressure – not to mention the hormonal changes.

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Vaginal Dermal Filler

Vaginal dermal filler can be used as a means of improving upon how well your tissues ‘feel’ and work. While dermal fillers are usually associated with your face and lip enhancement, a carefully injected measure of filler in the right places can help restore the genital area making it feel healthier and stronger.

Like dermal fillers this technique uses hyaluronic acid – a molecule that is your body’s natural filler so there are no harmful effects.

How is this done?

The hyaluronic acid vaginal dermal filler is injected into the internal front wall of the vagina. It may also be administered closer to the clitoris. A numbing cream agent is used and you won’t feel a thing.

The hyaluronic acid works to strengthen and fill out the area by absorbing water – it can absorb 1000 times its weight in water. This adds volume to the tissue, which can in turn make sex a little more enjoyable.

Benefits of Vaginal Fillers