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In dermatology and plastic surgery, the non-invasive toning method is causing a stir.

What does EMSCULPT stand for?

The only procedure that helps patients gain muscle and sculpt their bodies is EMSCULPT. EMSCULPT also offers the first non-invasive glut toning technique in the world.

What Is the Process?

EMSCULPT works by focusing high-intensity electromagnetic energy. A single EMSCULPT treatment results in thousands of strong muscular contractions, which are critical for building muscle tone and strength.

Sixty percent of women and ninety percent of men want one or both fat loss and muscle toning treatments.

In a 30-minute session, EMSCULPT NEO is also the first non-invasive body shaping therapy that combines two energies for simultaneous fat eradication and muscle growth.

What exactly is EMSCULPT NEO?

By concurrently releasing both radio waves and high-intensity electromagnetic energies, EMSCULPT NEO builds on the history of its predecessor, Emsculpt.

The end result is more fat loss and muscle growth in less time and for less money than any single gold standard procedure.

What Is EMSCULPT NEO and How Does It Work?

EMSCULPT NEO is built on an applicator that emits synchronised RF and HIFEM+ impulses at same time.

The temperature of the muscle immediately rises by several degrees as a result of the radiofrequency heating. This works in a similar way to a warm-up exercise before a workout in that it prepares muscles for stress. The temperature in fat tissue reaches levels that can cause apoptosis, which means fat cells are irreversibly destroyed and slowly eliminated from the body, in less than 4 minutes. In clinical studies, subcutaneous fat was reduced by 30% on average. Non-essential fat makes athletic motion more difficult, causing you to boost the muscular strength of your contractions every workout.

emsculpt neo phone treatment
emsculpt neo phone treatment