Isaac Luxe

Hydro Colon Therapy

Are you constantly exhausted? Do you have stomach problems? Have you noticed that your toileting habits aren’t as regular or steady as they once were? Hydro Colon Therapy may be able to help you with your issues.

BENEFITS: As a result of our lifestyles and the meals and drinks we consume, our bodies accumulate toxic waste over time. Storing this poisonous waste in our bodies isn’t ideal. And it can lead to a slew of health issues down the road.

The colon’s job in the digestive tract is to absorb nutrients from meals after the digestion bowel have broken it down.

The waste that remains is subsequently neutralised by the colon, allowing it to complete its journey through your body and cause harm. In turn, the colon combines microorganisms and dietary waste to make biotin and vitamin K. Which are important vitamins for the body.

You run the danger of getting a range of health problems and diseases if you don’t take care of your colon. Constipation, diarrhoea, sleeplessness, migraines, and even depression are all symptoms of a colon that isn’t working properly. Colon cancer is the second most common cancer killer, after lung cancer in men and breast cancer in women. In severe situations, a filthy and malfunctioning colon can lead to colon cancer.

What is Hydro Colon Therapy, and how does it work?

Colonic therapy has been used for millennia and is still used today in clinics all around the world. It’s a totally natural and risk-free treatment that has been shown to have numerous health benefits. Stars and people of all ages, with various health problems or none at all, have the procedure on a regular basis. Colonic hydrotherapy is a terrific way to take care of you wellness and well-being with frequent treatments. And you don’t have to be suffering from constipation, diarrhoea, or any other intestinal irritations to benefit from it.


A speculum is a tiny tube that is gently placed into the rectum to allow warm filtered water to enter the colon. When water comes the colon, it provides a temporary feeling of fullness, followed by a soothing feeling when the colon is cleared. The speculum allows water to enter safely while also allowing waste and toxins to exit safely.

    The therapy is done numerous times, with the therapist massaging your abdomen to ensure that the intestine is cleansed completely and effectively. The procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes and leads in a cleaner gut as well as the release of old faeces.

    The therapist will do a detailed consultation and health questionnaire before to treatment. As well as provide a thorough explanation of the gear and method. The therapy and the exposure of the body usually cause a lot of anxiety and shame in most patients. However, it’s important to remember that clinicians are properly qualified to execute this technique and are fully aware of the delicacy and importance of maintaining the dignity of the patients at all times.

    This implies that you will be provided privacy to change, and you will only be exposed for a few moments while the laparoscope is placed into the rectum, following which you will be entirely covered for the duration of the treatment. Rest assured that the trash is always emptied quietly and without creating a mess.

    How will colonic hydrotherapy make me feel?

    Colonic hydrotherapy is a totally natural and safe practise that enhances the body’s natural processes of removing toxic chemicals (for those that are medically fit to do so). Nonetheless, patients may experience some discomfort during the treatment, with stomach aches, headaches, and exhaustion being among the most prevalent complaints.

    These symptoms signal that the system is successfully cleaning itself and emptying out the wasted poisons, if they appear early in the treatment. If symptoms persist following the surgery, they may indicate a body that is excessively inebriated and overloaded.