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Oxygen Facial

O2Derm Facial

Voted as one of the best facial treatments in K-beauty, Oxygen Dome Therapy is an innovative treatment that uses a hyperbaric chamber to provide pure and ionized oxygen! Give your skin a boost of oxygen with ISAAC Luxe’s O2Derm or Oxydome Facial. 

Did you know oxygen helps promote blood circulation, activate cells and give the immune system a helpful boost? This 90% purified oxygen treatment efficiently regenerates damaged skin cells and reduces free radical damage!

Book an appointment with the skin specialist in Mumbai, Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, at ISAAC Luxe. Get practical and result-driven skincare solutions within a few months. 


During this treatment, a dome-shaped mask is placed on the client’s face, providing complete coverage to the face.

This dome is connected to a machine that creates pure oxygen (90% high concentration) as well as anions.It is this refined oxygen and anion that is infused in your skin to stimulate skin cell regeneration and impart a refreshed look.

Anions are vitamins from the air, similar to what you get in a deep forest.

They stabilize free radical damage, which in turn can regenerate new cells, reduce bacteria, rebalances pH levels, improves signs of aging, and corrects and heals damaged cells.



    Once done with your session, you can go back to your routine in no time. Avoid excessive sun exposure and remember to wear sunscreen at all times.


    O2Derm Helps with

      • Boosts Collagen Production⁣
      • Detoxifies Skin⁣
      • Speeds up Cell Turnover⁣
      • Moisturizes—instantly plumps & hydrates⁣
      • Heals Acne & helps even skin tone⁣
      • Sun Damage
      • Signs of Ageing
      • Skin Tone & Skin Texture

    Treatment Highlights

    ISAAC Luxe (International Skin & Anti-Aging Centre) is an aesthetic clinic situated in the heart of Delhi, Vasant Vihar founded by a cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta