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Due to our highly stressful and fast paced lifestyles, there are more and more cases of hair thinning and baldness by the day. A hair restoration procedure that is gaining popularity steadily is mesotherapy, it’s used to treat hair thinning, alopecia or male-pattern baldness that occurs due to certain hormones. Mesotherapy promises far better results than topical usage of Minoxidil, and is available as a hair therapy at ISAAC Luxe.

The most experienced skincare specialist in Gurugram, Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, is here to treat minor to critical skincare issues. She has been serving as a dermatologist for over ten years and earned the #1 position as a notable dermatologist. 

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a treatment for hair loss management used for restoring volume to thinning hair. It’s a process that promotes the significant regrowth of hair of all those who are experiencing the beginning of balding. It is a painless, non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic hair restoration procedure.


How does Mesotherapy work?

This cosmetic procedure involves a solution of ingredients being injected into various locations in the scalp to stimulate the mesoderm layer. The ingredients used in this mixture include vitamins such as biotin, zinc, amino acids and growth factors to encourage the hair’s natural regeneration and regrowth process.

Benefits of Scalp Mesotherapy

No Downtime

Non-Invasion & Non-Surgical

Recover fast

Increases hair growth


Helps in stimulating hair growth

Youthful Skin

Increase the flow of blood to the scalp

Pre & Post Treatment Care, ISAAC Luxe

At ISAAC Luxe, the entire process is examined and conducted by a dermatologist who has years of extensive experience in trichology. There maybe minor swelling or bruising immediately after the procedure for which we may advise compression or topical applications.

Treatment Highlights

ISAAC Luxe (International Skin & Anti-Aging Centre) is an aesthetic clinic situated in the heart of Delhi, Vasant Vihar founded by a cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta