Vampire Facial in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

Vampire Facial In Delhi



Vampire Facial In Delhi,Vampire Facial In Mumbai,Vampire Facial In GurgaonA Vampire facial In Delhi is a special facial that uses the component of our blood. It might easily look like Halloween makeup but it is in fact an extremely effective facial.


People all over the world are crazy about Vampire Facial in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon and many Instagram models have proven it to be very effective.


It is also called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Only your own blood is used and no one else’s. It is used to rejuvenate your complexion. It is painless and minimally invasive. In South Korea, this is actually an alternative to dermal fillers for plumping the skin. 

Vampire Facial in Delhi Process  

Step 1 – the blood is drawn from your veins to make the mask. 


Step 2 – the drawn blood is placed in a centrifuge and the platelets are separated from the red blood cells. 


Step 3 – your dermatologist will either directly inject the platelets into your skin to stimulate collagen. 


Step 4 – or there is also another way with PRP treatment combined with other ones, like micro-needling (occasionally with radiofrequency), microdermabrasion, or a resurfacing laser


Vampire Facial is a process that uses your own blood to rejuvenate the skin and remove fine lines, wrinkles and much more. We provide you with the best techniques through which the results come even much better.Vampire Facial in Mumbai


Vampire Facial in Delhi technique helps in giving a defined look and firmness to the face. People who have loose and saggy skin can also try this to get better results.


It takes your own blood through proper procedure in a small amount which is applied to give you a fresh, glowing firm skin.


It can be used by any adult age group as it uses your own blood.

Post-Recommendations for Vampire Facial In Mumbai

Vampire facial is a very effective treatment but you have to take care of your skin later to get the best results. Vampire Facial in Gurgaon.


  1. Use a clean pillow to avoid infection through the pores. 
  2. Apply soothing creams to avoid redness. 
  3. Do not expose your skin to too much sun.
  4. Do not use too many cosmetics that would clog the wounds. 
  5. Do not use steamers or vaporizers.  
  6. Please cross-check with your doctor if you use heavy medications. 
  7. Drink water, exercise and hydrate your skin. 
  8. Get enough sleep and give time for your body to heal. 

Side Effects of Vampire Facial In Gurgaon

There are no observable side effects of vampire facial treatment but it is advisable to be cautiousVampire Facial in Delhi 


  1. It can cause minor to major skin irritations. 
  2. Small wounds are caused by the skin surface that heals in time. 
  3. Excessive pressure over the needles can cause bleeding. 
  4. There are chances of infection if proper care is not given. 
  5. Bruising can be the result of picking on the wound. 
  6. It may lead to skin peeling in some cases. 
  7. Redness is also a common result of vampire facial 

Benefits of Vampire Facial in Delhi

There are many benefits of vampire facial treatment and this is why it is preferred by most. Vampire Facial in Mumbai


  1. Reduced Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  2. Makes the skin tighter and firmer 
  3. It enhances skin’s texture and tones it 
  4. It is painless and minimally invasive 
  5. It increases collagen production
  6. It is a quick treatment with lasting results 
  7. It is cost-effective 


    Q1. Does it show any side effects?

    Ans – No it is not sure why side effects if proper cleanliness is maintained.

    Q2. When do the effects of Vampire Facial become visible?

    Ans – The effects are visible in a few days and continue to improve further on.

    Q3. How long does the result last?

    Ans – The results last upto 1 year or even more depending on the efficiency and proper medication followed.

    Q4. Will there be any incision made on skin?

    Ans – No there will be no incision made on the skin.

    Q5. Does it cause redness and acne?

    Ans – The procedure may cause redness to the skin but it lasts for hardly a day and acne may or may not occur depending on the skin type and environment.

    Q6. Which age group can try this therapy?

    Ans – Any adult age group can have this therapy.

    Q7. What happens in Vampire Facial?

    Ans – In this Facial method, it increases collagen production, enhances skin’s texture, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.