Tattoo Removal

Rethinking that ink? Get it removed with Our Advanced Tattoo Removal Laser Therapy

Tattoo removal, a revolutionary treatment that helps to remove and fade unwanted tattoos with minimal discomfort following the treatment and optimum results. It is a safe and effective treatment to remove undesirable tattoos.

Do you want to remove a tattoo that you no longer want? Get it removed by the skin specialist in Mumbai, Dr Geetika Gupta at ISAAC Luxe. 

Type of Tattoos

Professional Tattoos
These are the type of tattoos a person gets styled with professional hands and machines. This is the most expensive as well as the safest type of tattoo on your skin.
Armature Tattoos
An individual with a lot of experience designs the required tattoo on your skin. Even though they are not quite precise, they can be trusted. The entire process is done under hygienic conditions.
Cosmetic Tattoos
If a person, especially a girl wants to get a tattoo on their body part which has soft and delicate skin, then the best option for it is a cosmetic tattoo. They are carefully done by cosmetic surgeons. The risk of infection or lack of precision in your tattoo almost gets negligible. Therefore, getting cosmetic tattoos sounds like an amazing option!
Medical Tattoos
When you have undergone major medical surgery, especially through cancer, then the cosmetic problems caused by these surgeries can be made better by getting a medical tattoo. The tattoo artist is providing much better lives to the people who have suffered from breast cancer in the past.
Treatments to remove Tattoo at Isaac Luxe,
Typically, most people prefer non-surgical methods for Tattoo Removal.
  1. LASER TATTOO REMOVAL – The laser method of Tattoo Removal at Isaac Luxe is the safest and has very low-risks. It is the most preferred tattoo removal technique as it is bloodless & more effective in removing tattoos that are larger, stronger, and more complex. The mechanism for laser Tattoo Removal works by breaking up the ink’s pigment colors with a targeted-intensity light beam that removes the tattoo without leaving the scars behind.
  2. DERMABRASION – In this method of Tattoo Removal, the layers of skin are slowly peeled off a layer at a time. With this method, you will have slower results. It takes several sessions as there is a limit to the amount of skin that can be removed.