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A safe and painless treatment, Lush Lips is an ideal treatment for a woman of 2020 who wants to look well put together, without spending hours in the morning. With Lush Lips, ISAAC Luxe can infuse natural looking lip tints onto your lips.

This means, you won’t have to spend precious minutes of your days applying lip products. Lush Lips is also ideal for clients who have naturally dark or discoloured lips due to hormonal changes or their lifestyle.

Get lush lips now at ISAAC Luxe. Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, the skin specialist doctor in Delhi, treats all dermatological issues. Get result-driven skincare formulations without any side effects. 


Lush Lips is a safe treatment and less painful compared to semi-permanent make-up providing natural color without swelling lips, damaged lips, or chapped lips.


While it’s hard to continue daily life after many treatments due to swelling, Lush Lips is an in-and-out-treatment that allows you to go back to your  daily life immediately.


You  want to save make-up time

You don’t constantly want to worry about fixing your lipstick or lip tint 

You have pale or dark lip colors

You want to put your best foot forward with a perfect pout 

You want plump looking, healthy lips!

You cannot wear lip make-up due to cosmetics allergy


Lush Lips Treatment uses their patent booster and ampoule as well as it’s nano needles to infuse the lip colour painlessly onto the client’s lips. 

    1. We start the treatment by using a patient formulation to exfoliate chapped lips and also to disinfect and sanitise the lip area. 
    2. After this, you’re ready to add some colour! We remove the ampoule i.e. colour of your choice in a small cup and apply it liberally according to your lip shape with the help of a brush.
    3. Then we use our patent needle (approx 2.5 mm) to infuse the colour onto your lips. We then leave it on for 2-3 minutes and re-apply on spots of your pout that need it. The idea is to make it look even and plump.
    4. Apply post-treatment ampoule and ta-da, your treatment is done!

Please note: 

Discoloration may happen more quickly depending on eating habits or life habits. It’s best to come in for a touch-up every 40-60 days.

The color can last longer, if you apply lip tint continuously after treatment.


  • Session Duration: 30 -45 min
  • Gap between Sessions: NA
  • Sessions Required : Once every 3 months plus 1 touch up session
  • Anesthetic: None
  • Full Recovery: Immediate
  • Result: Instant