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Forma Skin Tightening Treatment

Forma Skin Tightening Treatment in Mumbai

ISAAC Luxe now has Forma, a no needle, no downtime procedure that feels like a flat iron on the face. This celebrity loved treatment is now available in ISAAC Luxe in Mumbai.

How Forma Skin Tightening Treatment Works

Forma works by gently heating the skin and tissue through the application of Radiofrequency energy. As the handpiece is skillfully applied, the energy penetrates the dermal layer where collagen bonds reside. The gradual and controlled heating in this targeted area initiates a subtle micro-injury beneath the skin’s surface.

The Healing Process:

This micro-injury triggers the skin’s natural healing response. The skin perceives the controlled damage and responds by initiating a repair process. During this repair phase, new collagen bonds are formed, reinforcing the skin’s structure.


The development of new collagen bonds leads to a remarkable transformation in the skin’s appearance:

Tightening: Experience a noticeable improvement in skin tightness.

Contouring: Achieve enhanced facial contours for a sculpted look.

Lifting: Enjoy a lifted and rejuvenated aesthetic.

    Forma Skin Tightening



    Pricing and Sessions:

    Forma treatment is priced at 15,000 INR plus taxes per session.

    A recommended course of 4-6 sessions is suggested for optimal and lasting outcomes.