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You may not be ready for botox but do you need botox in small doses just to stop signs of ageing? Ideal for oncoming signs of ageing and candidates as young as in their 20s, meso botox is the talk of the town. MesoBotox is the best treatment for those who want to hold back signs of ageing for as long as possible. Here’s everything you need to know about mesobotox also known as baby botox.

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What Is Mesobotox or Baby Botox?

Botulinum toxin, the primary ingredient in Botox is widely known for anti-ageing abilities. Instead of just using botulinum toxin, mesotherapy or mesobotox uses diluted botox along with hyaluronic acid in small doses onto specific areas of your face.
It is mainly being used to treated mid-face, for example, smile lines and wrinkles around lips, mouth and neck. It is also used for facial flushing, reducing sebum production and pore size. Research studies have also reported an improvement in skin texture.

How Is Meso Botox Different From Botox?

Unlike a proper Botox session, baby botox uses botulinum toxin in small concentration in a higher volume. Instead of injecting it in the deeper layers of your skin, Meso Botox is injected into the inter-dermal layer of the skin.

    Pre & Post Treatment Care, ISAAC Luxe

    Before conducting this face therapy, our experts do a thorough skin analysis and medical background check. During mesobotox, a numbing agent is applied to your face to reduce the patient’s discomfort. There is little to no downtime and you can return back to work as soon as you leave. Your dermatologist may advise you to stay away from certain medication.

    A Superlative Treatment for Intimate Wellness

    Safe & ApprovedaDoesn’t harm the skin in any way

    Safe & Effective

    Little or no recovery time

    No recovery time

    No Downtime

    Gives you youthful and smooth skin

    Recover fast

    No side effects

    Treatment Highlights

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