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Rosacea On Face


If you are experiencing redness, blemishing or bumps on your face and neck, then check with your dermatologist for rosacea. Often confused with normal redness, people with rosacea look flushed most of the time. Rosacea is often aggravated by sun exposure, spicy foods, alcohol or fragrance-based skin products too. People with fair skin tones are more likely to experience it, especially during their middle age. Since the redness and bumps vary, we make most of both OTC medication as well as laser treatments.

Meet Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, the best dermatologist in Mumbai, at ISAAC Luxe and get rid of all skincare issues. With over a decade of experience, she gives you the best skin care solutions. 

Rosacea treatment in delhi

Rosacea Laser Treatment At ISAAC Luxe


At ISAAC Luxe, we check the condition of your skin in the consultation session and then provide you with possible treatment options. A combination of oral antibiotics and isotretinoin helps clear up acne-like lesions and bumps that often occur in rosacea.

According to the condition, we also suggest laser therapy for rosacea treatment in delhi.

  • The treatment starts by using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
  • IPL uses controlled light in a specific wavelength to alleviate redness, inflammation etc
  • Before treatment times ice pack are applied for 30 mins
  • It removes facial superficial vessels by decreasing and eliminating facial redness
  • It helps in improving skin appearance gradually and naturally
  • It offers a gentle and long-lasting solution.
Pre & Post Treatment Care, ISAAC Luxe

There may be a little redness after laser therapy for which we prescribe medication and gels. The recovery time depends upon the treated area. We also suggest you avoid direct sun exposure immediately after laser therapy.Rosacea treatment in delhi

A Superlative Treatment for Intimate Wellness

No Side-effect

Painless laser therapy

Fast Recovery

Fast Recovery

No Downtime

No down time

Safe & ApprovedaDoesn’t harm the skin in any way

Clinically Proven

Treatment Highlights

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