Dermapen Treatment in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon


Dermapen Treatment in delhi Process
Dermapen Treatment in Delhi,Dermapen Treatment in Mumbai,Dermapen Treatment in Gurgaon



Dermapen 4 acne scar is available in all major skincare clinics.


Derma pen acne scar is done for removing skin imperfections and to flaunt flawless skin. It helps in the overall health of the skin and it also evens the skin tone. It minimizes the pores and smoothens the wrinkles.


It is even applicable to remove stretch marks from the skin. Dermapen treatment in Delhi is similar to micro-needling. It has a roller head that has protruding small needles which will be used to pinprick the skin. 

Dermapen Treatment in Delhi Process 

Step 1 – In the consultation, the doctor determines the kind of issue and prescribes accordingly 

Step 2 – The skin is cleansed and all the dirt and dust is removed. 

Step 3 – Dermapen is used to roll on the skin 

Step 4 – The rolling motion slowly punctures the skin that makes it heal 

Step 5 – The process is complete and extra care products are given


Dermapen treatment is a method through which you can get rid of acne, wrinkles, fine lines and normal skin issues.


We provide you with the best treatment with proper medication and skincare so that you can achieve a remarkable result in less time. It helps in improving the skin by making it firm and tight.


It also helps in increasing the efficiency of collagen production in cells and giving a new appearance with active experience. This treatment is highly cost-effective and painless ensuring that there are no or very lesser side effects after the treatment.

Post-Treatment Recommendations for Dermapen Treatment In Mumbai

Post-treatment for Dermapen treatment in Mumbai care is very essential no matter what skin procedure you are getting done. This ensures that the treatment will work to its fullest. 


  1. Create a healing environment for the skin and give it time.
  2. Do not apply alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy products.
  3. Do not use vitamin c products as it will worsen the needle wounds.
  4. Do not submerge your face in pool water.
  5. Do not perform vigorous exercise and induce stress.
  6. Use minimal makeup products.
  7. Sleep for 8 hours every day and eat good food.

Side Effects of Dermapen Treatment In Mumbai

There are no harmful side effects of derma pen treatment. They can occur very rarely and it can be avoided. Dermapen Treatment In Mumbai


  1. Excessive pressure can cause bleeding.
  2. Skin can appear red for a while.
  3. The needles can cause irritation.
  4. Picking on the skin can cause bruising.
  5. The wound caused by the needles can cause infection. 
  6. Picking on the treated skin can cause peeling.
  7. Harsh chemicals can have an adverse effect on open skin wounds.

Benefits of Dermapen Treatment In Gurgaon 

Dermapen treatment in Gurgaon has countless benefits that help you to achieve flawless skin. It is the best natural procedure to heal your skin completely from the inside. 


  1. The treatment results in the building of new collagen.
  2. It makes the skin smoother and firmer.
  3. It gives the skin an even tone and tightens it.
  4. It removes wrinkles from the skin and minimizes pores.
  5. It brightens the skin and gives you a completely new appearance.
  6. It helps in promoting the growth of new skin cells.
  7. It is very cost-effective and does not take much time.


    Q1. Is it risky and painful?

    Ans – No, it’s not risky but it may give a pinching experience.

    Q2.Who can have this treatment?

    Ans – Those who have acne and fine skin problems can have this treatment.

    Q3.Which age group can have this treatment?

    Ans – People who are above their mid-twenties can have this treatment.

    Q4.How much time does this treatment take?

    Ans – This treatment takes about 20-25 mins.

    Q5.When can I see visible results?

    Ans – An immediate visibility of results is seen after the procedure is done.

    Q6.Are there any side effects?

    Ans – Redness and little itchiness can be felt after treatment is done.

    Q7. Is it safe to be tried?

    Ans – Yes, it is safe to try.