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Several men and women wish they were born with enticing dimples. Not everyone is blessed in this way, but Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta is launching Dimple Creation, which patients have been waiting for.

Perhaps you’ve always wished for dimples to offer you a sweeter, cuter appearance. Alternatively, it’s possible that everyone in your lineage has dimples but you. Whatever the cause, if you’ve always liked cheeks or chin dimples and wished you could have them, a dimple generation surgery could be the appropriate choice for you. Dimples that fit perfectly into the curves of your face and compliment your features can be created with a dimple creation process.


Perhaps you don’t even know what a dimple is. In a nutshell, a dimple is the natural outcome of a tiny muscle deficiency. When you smile, the skin that lies atop this little muscle defect effectively conforms to the deeper tissues, giving you a dimple in your cheek (or chin, depending on the situation).



Dimple formation is a simple treatment that is usually done in the clinic with the client under local anaesthetic so that they stay awake yet comfortable. The process of creating a dimple entails mimicking the muscle’s natural appearance.

Our aestheticians create cheek dimples by making a small incision on the inside of your cheek. There are no visible scars after utilising this approach. A stitch is then carefully put underneath the skin surface on the inside of the cheek in the ideal location for the new dimple. When this stitching is tied, it causes the overlying skin to dimple.

When making chin dimples, the method is similar. There are no visible scars or scarring the outside of the patient’s face after a chin dimple surgery. Any cheek or chin can be surgically altered to generate dimples. Our goal is to provide you with some of the best dimple creation, hence why you should book an appointment with Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta to discuss your specific needs.


Following the development of dimples, there is hardly no downtime. Following your operation, you will be free to return home with your new dimples. In the treated regions, you may suffer some slight swelling. This is natural and will eventually fade away. Your newfound dimples will develop without smiling at first, but in a few days to weeks, they will consolidate in and become more active, which means they will only emerge when you smile, much like a real dimple.



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