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Best Eyebrow Transplant In Delhi

An eyebrow transplant is an excellent cosmetic hair restoration procedure for reshaping weak or sparse eyebrows or restoring hair growth. Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta addresses cosmetic hair transplant with a distinct and professional viewpoint. Fuller, natural-looking brows are becoming the most appealing and sought-after style, and she approaches it with a distinct and professional perspective. She’ll assist you in achieving outstanding results and a balanced visual value for this important facial feature.

Is an Eyebrow Transplant a Good Option?

Eyebrow hair transplants are a fantastic alternative for men and women who want to permanently repair their brows with their own natural hair. You can select between a partial or full eyebrow transplant to replace thin regions, depending on the amount of hair loss and your cosmetic goals.

What Are the Rationales for an Eyebrow Transplant?

  • Consistent over-plucked or over-tweezed brows might have negative implications.
  • Eyebrows that are naturally thin (genetics)
  • Covering up bad brow tattoos
  • Hair loss as a result of trauma or scarring
  • Hair loss as a result of medical treatments

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Eyebrow Transplant Surgery: What to Expect

The average brow hair transplant operation lasts 3-5 hours. Eyebrow transplant is a simple surgery that can be done in the office under local anaesthetic. There will be no need for general anaesthesia. Medication will be used to treat pain and discomfort, allowing you to relax. The technique causes no discomfort, and many patients sleep, listen to the music, or watch tv during it. Dr. Geetika has extensive experience in all aspects of hair restoration and transplantation, and will provide you with natural-looking cosmetic outcomes.

What Should I Expect After an Eyebrow Transplant?

The natural hair cycle continues, and these hairs may shed and begin the regeneration cycle after 10-12 weeks, comparable to hair transplantation to the scalp. Because the newly grafted hair on your fresh eyebrows is set to continue growing after transplantation, they will need to be trimmed on a regular basis.

How long does it take to recover from an eyebrow transplant?

After a brow transplant, you will be able to notice the benefits right away. Mild redness, inflammation, crusting, or tiny scabs over each follicle are common following hair graft placement, and they normally go away after a few days to a week. Many individuals can start work and social activities after one to two days, depending on their comfort level.

Why Is Choosing a Hair Transplant Specialist for Eyebrow Surgery So Important?

Although some people choose for non-surgical hair restoration procedures like as tattoo or microblading, these methods are generally transitory and provide unnatural results. Eyebrow transplanting is a highly specialised operation that produces excellent outcomes. It is critical to pay close attention to the smallest details. Hair transplant angle and density are crucial parameters that require substantial understanding. Eyebrows that are sparse and grow in unpredictable patterns can be the result of a lack of care or skill. Dr. Geetika has a thorough understanding of the architecture of both the hair follicle and employs state-of-the-art magnification lenses to reconstruct a natural, fuller brow.