Sculptone PlusTM is a new development in body forming treatment. It uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) technology which delivers magnetic energy (upto 3 Tesla) to the peripheral nerve of the muscle in order to contract the muscle deeply, known as supramaximal contractions. It has been scientifically proven that FMS technology will result in increased muscle mass after multiple treatments on the same target location. It is used for muscle strengthening on areas of glutes, abdomen, arms, hamstring area and pelvic floor using new FMS technology.


Sculptone PlusTM is more concentrated, more targeted and more effective device for body forming. The magnetic field propagates through clothes and skin inside your body. It triggers motoric nerve and excites muscle contraction, which is impossible to achieve with regular exercise. When you exercise, the body will only allow you to contract that muscle to 40% of its maximum potential. With Sculptone PlusTM, it is possible to achieve upto 50,000 contractions in 30 mins session, gives you a feeling of a high-intensive workout


Ideal treatment recommendation is 8 sessions of 30 mins each, in 3 weeks period. Sessions can be carried out every alternate day or at least twice a week. This is contactless, needleless and painless treatment and person does not need to remove clothes, as magnetic field penetrates through clothes.


  • 50,000 Contractions in 30 mins session
  • Power upto 3 Tesla
  • The only system capable of operating all muscle groups
  • Core therapy with 4 applicators
  • Single system with set programs for different parts of the body
  • The only system that can operate in 24 different phases within a single program
  • Non-invasive, no downtime, no consumables, no operator needed

Apart from Aesthetic indications (muscle development), it can also stimulate pelvic floor muscles for Urinary Incontinence in women by Sculptone PlusTM. Core Therapy includes 4 channels – chair with seat & back applicator and 2 handheld applicators, where we can treat urinary incontinence with muscle toning simultaneously. Sculptone Plus also offers basic therapies and advance programs for treatment in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

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