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Lipolysis Injections Work for Fat

Do Lipolysis Injections Work for Fat Reduction?

Do you want to melt away stubborn pockets of fat with lipolysis injection? Let’s find out if this fat reduction treatment really delivers on its claim. 

We have all been through the struggle of trying to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to budge despite enduring long hours in the gym and going on strict diets. If you are looking for a quick and effective fat-reduction solution, you can try lipolysis injection treatment at ISAAC Luxe. These injections are becoming increasingly popular as a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment aimed at addressing and eliminating localised areas of fat. But, do lipolysis injections really deliver on their fat reduction claims, or are they just another viral trend in the beauty industry? 

What is a lipolysis injection?

Lipolysis injection is a non-invasive treatment that requires multiple tiny injections of active ingredients to be injected into the treatment area beneath the skin. This process aims to destroy lipocytes and reduce fat. While lipolysis injections can help reduce the appearance of localised fat deposits, it is crucial to note that the results differ from person to person. It may take multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. 

How does a lipolysis injection work?

Lipolysis injections work by introducing a cocktail of fat-burning ingredients into the fatty tissue. This process causes the fat to liquefy, which is then eliminated from the body. It causes immediate vacuolization of adipocytes and inflammation within the septae, which damages the adipocyte cell membranes and ultimately leads to fat necrosis. As a result of the treatment, the fat volume in the targeted area is reduced, resulting in a more defined and contoured appearance. 

What areas can be treated with lipolysis injection?

Lipolysis injection effectively eliminates localised fat deposits from multiple areas, like:

  • Jowls
  • Double chin
  • Axillary folds
  • Love handles
  • Tummy rolls
  • Inner thighs
  • Buffalo hump
  • Fatty knees
  • Bra bulges

 Does lipolysis injection provide instant results?

Lipolysis injection may have fat-reducing properties, but the results are not visible instantly. You will need multiple sessions to see a noticeable difference. For effective results, three to four sessions, spaced at least one month apart, are required, depending on the amount of fat you want to lose. Results start appearing after the second session or so. 

Does lipolysis injection have any side effects?

Lipolysis injections are considered safe since they are FDA-approved for fat reduction. These injections rarely cause complications like nerve injury. The minor and natural side effects include swelling, redness, bruising, hardness, and slight pain around the treatment site. These expected side effects usually go away within a few days or weeks. And the best part? This non-invasive fat reduction treatment does not involve any downtime. You can resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure. 

Are the results permanent?

Are you wondering how long the results of lipolysis injection treatment last? Since the fat cells are liquified and eliminated from the body, the fat deposits in the treated area are permanently reduced. But, if you want to maintain the results, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle and continue with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Are you ready to get rid of unwanted fat and achieve a toned and sculpted appearance? Try lipolysis injection treatment at ISAAC Luxe today. To book an appointment with us, click here.