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Treat Saggy Skin Under Eyes

How to Treat Saggy Skin Under Eyes

Are you worried about the saggy skin under your eyes? Try these cutting-edge treatments at ISAAC Luxe to revitalise your under eye area. 

As we age, saggy skin under the eyes is one of the most common skin concerns that we grapple with. It can be caused by a number of causes, including genetics, excessive sun exposure, smoking, or a lack of nutrition. If you are struggling with saggy skin under the eyes, there’s no need to lose sleep over it–it will only exacerbate the issue. The battle against sagging skin under eyes is a universal one, and a basic arsenal of eye creams might not be enough. While basic skincare is certainly essential, treating saggy skin under eyes often requires a more targeted and comprehensive approach. We have compiled a list of cutting-edge treatments available at ISAAC Luxe that go beyond the surface, addressing the root causes of saggy skin under eyes and giving you a youthful appearance.

Dermal Fillers

Natural volume loss in the facial region is a primary cause of saggy skin under eyes. The SOOF (suborbicularis oculi fat) is a unique soft tissue pillow that is present under the eye. This tissue pillow descends and shrinks over time, decreasing the natural volume of the under-eye and creating a shadow. But how to combat this? Try dermal fillers. At ISAAC Luxe, you can get hyaluronic acid injections that help plump and hydrate your skin and renew collagen and elastin.

Chemical peels

If you are struggling with saggy skin under eyes, you can try a chemical peel at ISAAC Luxe.  Chemical peels contain mild acids that are applied in a single layer on the skin. They work by removing the top layer of the skin and uncovering new, healthy skin. If you want to revitalise the under-eye region, you can try glycolic peel because it aids in reducing the saggy skin by boosting collagen production.


Microneedling tightens, plumps, and retexturizes the skin, minimising the appearance of under-eye wrinkles and dark circles. When performed correctly and under the supervision of a qualified skincare expert, microneedling can deliver excellent results by promoting the penetration of beneficial ingredients and promoting collagen production.


Morpheus8 is a brilliant option for the eye area. Since the treatment uses a combination of radiofrequency and micro-needling. So, it is highly effective in treating dark circles and under-eye bags. It also helps tighten and tone the skin around the eye area, making you look younger. Another plus point? The treatment is highly safe and minimally invasive. Morpheus8 is an outpatient treatment, and the procedure is quite simple. A numbing cream is applied to the targeted areas of the body. A handheld device delivers radiofrequency energy to the skin surface through micro-pins. This is one of the best treatments for dark circles as it combines micro-needling with radiofrequency technology for fractional resurfacing that stimulates collagen production. The micro-injuries caused by the treatment stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin and help tighten, lift and thicken the supporting layers of the skin.

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