Microdermabrasion Treatment in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

Microdermabrasion Treatment in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

Microdermabrasion treatment in Delhi is a minimally invasive skin treatment used to treat acne scars, skin pigmentation, ageing and many more. It is proven to be very effective in treating different kinds of skin problems. The healing is slow and steady thus it lasts longer than instant chemical treatments. It uses a roller head that has needles in it. The roller is rolled on the skin to make tiny abrasions that act as microchannels. These channels take in topical ingredients deeply and thus nourish the skin from the inside. While healing, the skin promotes the growth of new skin cells. 

Microdermabrasion Treatment in Delhi Process –  Step By Step

Microdermabrasion treatment in Mumbai is a fairly easy process that takes no more than 30 minutes. It can also be done at home with proper knowledge and precaution. 

 Step 1 – This includes preparing the skin for the treatment by cleaning it. 

 Step 2 – Some doctors use anaesthetics to prevent pain although it is not mandatory.

 Step 3 – dermabrasion is performed by using the roller on the skin surface.

 Step 4 – All the problematic areas are covered with the roller. 

 Step 5 – Some soothing creams are applied to the skin to prevent irritation. 

Post-treatment recommendations for microdermabrasion treatment 

Microdermabrasion is all about how you take care of the skin post-treatment. Whatever you put on your skin after the needling is going to have an enhanced effect. 

  1. It is recommended to put hyaluronic acid on your skin 
  2. Do not touch the skin unnecessarily 
  3. Apply collagen production products for enhanced results 
  4. You can also apply coconut oil as it will lock in the moisture 
  5. Keep hydrating the skin as it is the best time to do this 
  6. Wait at least a day before you use any active skincare products
  7. Avoid contact with sunlight for 24 hours 

Side Effects of microdermabrasion Treatment 

There are no harmful side effects of dermabrasion treatment. They can occur very rarely and they can be dodged. 

  1. Extreme pressure can cause bleeding 
  2. Skin can look red for a while 
  3. The needles can cause irritation 
  4. Pulling on the skin can cause bruising 
  5. The wound caused by the needles can create infection 
  6. Picking on the treated skin can cause peeling 
  7. Harsh chemicals can have an adverse effect on the open skin wounds

Benefits of Microdermabrasion Treatment 

Microdermabrasion in Gurgaon has countless benefits that help you to achieve flawless skin. It is the best natural procedure to heal your skin completely from the inside. 

  1. The treatment results in the building of new collagen
  2. It makes the skin smoother and firmer 
  3. It gives the skin an even tone and tightens it
  4. It removes wrinkles from the skin and minimizes pores
  5. It brightens the skin and gives you a completely new appearance
  6. It helps in promoting the growth of new skin cells 
  7. It is very cost-effective and does not take much time 
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