Dermabrasion Treatment in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

Dermabrasion treatment is used to heal skin damages, sunburn scars, skin pigmentation and others. It is done by using equipment with a roller head that has micro needles. These needles prick the skin with just the right intensity to create small punctures. These punctures are considered as wounds by our body and our healing mechanism automatically sets out to repair it along with repairing the skin perfections. This creates minute valleys in the skin through which the peptide solution will get to the deeper ends and plump up the skin, giving it a healthy glow. 

Dermabrasion treatment is also used for brown spots and pigmentation, for closing open pores. 

Dermabrasion Treatment in Delhi Process

Step 1 – The doctor diagnoses your skin and identifies the kind of problems that must be cured with dermabrasion. 

Step 2 – The dermabrasion treatment is performed in the skin in the affected areas using the roller with 180 needles

Step 3 – The rolled skin is wiped with a soother and peptide solution is applied 

Step 4 – The peptide solution seeps into the root level and plumps skin from the inside. 

Post-Treatment Recommendations for Dermabrasion Treatment Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

Post-treatment for Dermabrasion treatment is very essential for dermabrasion treatment. There are a whole bunch of procedures to be done in the first month after the treatment. 

  1. Prevent excessive irritation by using soothing creams.
  2. Avoid getting out in too much sun as it can cause so much damage.
  3. Keep hydrating your skin and drink enough water.
  4. Do not use heavy medications that might cause side effects.
  5. Sleep well as the skin heals the best in sleep. 
  6. Do not use excessive cosmetics on your skin. 
  7. Keep in check with your doctor if you notice anything adverse. 

Side Effects of Dermabrasion Treatment Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon 

Side effects are inevitable even if the procedure is as simple as a facial. If your skin is sensitive, then you might have it harder than others.

  1. The abrasion can be hard on your skin and can cause bruising 
  2. The skin can bleed because of the punctures 
  3. Unsanitized needles can lead to infection 
  4. The skin can appear red for a while after the treatment 
  5. The skin can also feel irritable for a period after the treatment 
  6. Skin can itch and you may want to scratch it 
  7. This result in flaky and dry skin 

Benefits of Dermabrasion Treatment Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

There are numerous benefits of dermabrasion. This is also a popular treatment among celebrities and many of them do this before their red carpet appearance.

  1. Dermaroller helps to lighten acne scars. 
  2. The rolling helps in stimulating blood circulation. 
  3. It helps in the collagen production of the skin. 
  4. It helps in producing skin elastins.
  5. It helps with tired skin and reduces stretch marks. 
  6. It wakes up tired skin by energising it. 
  7. It helps in better product absorption. 
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