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Are you suffering from stretch marks? Looking for the best stretch marks removal treatment? If yes, then finally, you are in the right place.  Here is everything about the stretch marks removal treatment, post-care, pre-care, benefits of treatment, and treatment costs.  What is a Stretch Mark? Stretch marks are the scars that form on the body when the body shrinks or stretches vigorously.  These usually appear on the skin as a group of parallel lines. These are developed most commonly in obese pregnant women.   Why Stretch Marks Removal Compulsory?  Well, if you are confused about whether to go for stretch mark removal treatment or not, here are a few factors to consider.  Most people think that stretch marks aren’t harmful. However, up to some extent, this is true.  But if you have severe stretch marks causing pain and itchy sensations, it’s recommended to visit your doctor.  The problem with these stretch marks is they are sometimes painful and itchy. Hence, irritates our skin leading to severe damage or other skincare issues.  Also, stretch marks are a bit dangerous at the time of pregnancy or obese conditions.   This is the reason stretch mark removal is compulsory and should not neglect it.  Benefits of Stretch Marks Removal Treatment  Many people are afraid of treatment thinking that treatments cause side-effects. But there are huge benefits of this stretch mark removal treatment. Easy Stretch Removals – The treatment is painless and removes scars with ease.  Eliminate Complete Stretch Bands – In general, stretch mark removal treatment ensures the elimination of complete stretch bands.  Non-Surgical – The best part of these stretch mark removal treatment is that it doesn’t involve any surgical practices like scissoring, needling, etc.  Faster Results – The stretch marks removal treatment assures faster results with complete satisfaction.  Eliminate The Roots Of Stretch Marks – The treatment eliminates the root cause of the stretch marks ensuring no degeneration of the scars in the future.  Effective Than Other Removal Methods – Unlike many other stretch mark removal methods, treatments are most effective. 100% Results – Stretch mark removal treatments assure better results than any other removal process like natural remedies or application of creams.  At ISAAC Luxe Skincare Center, you find the best dermatologist in Mumbai who helps you complete skincare treatment. Procedure of Stretch Marks Removal Treatment Want to know the treatment procedure of stretch marks? Yup. Then, here is a complete procedure of stretch marks removal treatment.  Exfoliate – Exfoliation helps to remove stretch marks. Because during exfoliation the dead skin cells are eliminated from the body and new cells are formed. It even gives the best skincare results after the treatment.  Cream and Ointments Application – Most stretch mark removal creams and ointments are available at an affordable cost. Applying topical creams regularly lightens the scars and promotes toned skin. However, using the doctor’s prescribed creams is highly beneficial than individual choice.  Treatments  – Microdermabrasion and Microneedling treatments are used to remove the stretch marks and promote healthier skin. Usually, microdermabrasion is a painless process reducing the scars effortlessly. And it works to tighten the skin. After the treatment, you feel tighter and dry skin along with the redness of the skin. This is due to the exfoliation during the treatment. After 24 hours, your skin heals and removes stretch marks completely.  Microneedling is a stretch removal process where it focuses on the middle layer of the skin. Usually, in the middle layer of skin, stretch marks form.  In this process, tiny needles are poked into your skin triggering collagen and elastin that degenerate skin cells. And hence promotes tight skin soon.  Laser Therapy – This is one of the most popular therapies for stretch mark removal. This treatment helps to mix stretch marks with the normal skin faster. There are multiple laser therapies available in the market. So, it’s recommended to consult a doctor and know which best suits you.  Surgery – If all the above-mentioned treatments are unsuccessful, then go for cosmetic surgery. This is effective as well as expensive skincare therapy to eliminate stretch marks. Pre and Post Care of Stretch Marks Removal Treatment  It’s recommended to go for treatment with proper care and safety measures. So, this is the reason we have mentioned some of the pre and post-cares for stretch mark removal treatment.  Pre Care for Stretch Mark Removal Treatment  Pre-care is the safety measure that needs to be followed before the stretch mark removal treatment. This pre-care helps to better the treatment results without any hitch.  Exfoliate – Exfoliating around the stretch marks helps to increase treatment results. This usually forms elastin and collagen that degenerate the skin cells. Hence, remove the stretch marks soon.  Be Nutritious – Before Taking any treatment, it’s advised to be healthy and nutritious. Make sure to intake healthier and nutritious food.  Take Care of your Skin – Take care of your skin until the treatment. Be careful of various skin burns or other injuries.  Post Care for Stretch Mark Removal Treatment Unlike pre-care, post-care is the safety measure that needs to be followed after the stretch mark removal treatments. This post-care helps to lower the side-effects.   Confirm Recovery Period – It’s significant to ask your doctor about the recovery period of the treatment. This gives you a clear idea of the health status.  Use Ointments or Creams – It’s sometimes sore and itchy after the treatment. So, use ointments as prescribed by the doctor regularly.  Stay Calm – Right after the treatment, take a rest and avoid intense workouts, outdoors, or heavy works.  Cost for Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment  The answer to this question is not straightforward as it depends upon several factors.  On average the treatment cost ranges between $300 to $500. The cost is high for laser therapies while results can be seen within a week.  [FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions About Stretch Mark Removal Treatment  1. Will natural remedies work better to remove stretch marks? Maybe. But they cannot completely remove the stretch marks. Several

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