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Best Treatments For Sunspots

For Best Treatments For Sunspots

Bid farewell to sunspots with dermatologically approved treatments from ISAAC Luxe

For every woman who needs to go outdoors daily, major concerns are sunspots. Constant exposure to sunlight and UV rays accelerates the signs of ageing. Even if you are using sunscreens daily, it is rather tricky to keep sunspots like brown patches, hyperpigmentation and tanning entirely at bay. At ISAAC Luxe, we offer several treatments that can effectively reduce and prevent all such sunspots, and your skin will look as radiant and youthful as ever.

What are sunspots?

Sunspots happen due to continuous exposure to the sun’s UV rays, ageing, hormonal changes and the reaction of makeup and cosmetic products on your skin. They are usually brown or other dark-coloured spots on the skin. Dull patches and skin discolouration are also caused by sunspots. They can be faded to some extent by drugstore topical skincare products, but to get lasting results, you need more advanced treatments such as those provided by us.

Treatments for sunspots

To get a more permanent solution against sunspots, here we have listed four cosmetic treatments that will effectively give you clearer skin:

#1 Carbon Peeling

One of the simplest procedures to get rid of sunspots is Carbon Peeling. It is a type of laser treatment that is particularly effective on oily skin. It helps to get rid of blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin and acne scars and spots on the face and body. Minimal downtime is needed to recover.

A thin layer of carbon is applied on the skin surface, which stimulates collagen production. It exfoliates the skin when being removed and evens out the complexion.

#2 Cocktail Peel

Cocktail Peels can be used for all types of hyperpigmentation, like sunspots and acne. They are unique formulas blended by the ISAAC Luxe experts after analysing your skin type and the problems.

The peel is a blend of antioxidants which will exfoliate the epidermis layer of the skin. It uses a concoction of various acids which are tailor-made for each client. The result is much brighter and clearer skin, and sunspots are visibly erased. If you want a personalised treatment, this is the ideal choice.

#3 PhotoFacial

This is a skin therapy done by using strong pulsing light that penetrates deep into the skin and destroys the pigment cells. The light also destroys the germs that cause acne and hyperpigmentation. As a result, this 30-minute skin therapy works as a treatment as well as a prevention for sunspots. However, the pulse light may cause some discomfort, depending on the skin type. Though, the side effects are temporary.

#4 Laser Toning

Laser Toning is one of the best treatments for sunspots. It can get rid of ageing signs, acne scars, sunspots, etc. The non-ablative laser used for the treatment heats up and destroys the targeted tissue. This is called “controlled thermal injury”, which triggers skin renewal. As a result, the regenerated skin is spotless, and you get rid of the sunspots.

Brown spots, discolouration and ageing signs are inevitable over the years. But with the various treatments from ISAAC Luxe, you can stay ahead of ageing signs and maintain clear and bright skin. Never again shy away from stepping out in the sun, worrying about damaging your skin. With our expert consultation and treatment, you can live your life to the fullest.