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FUE is the answer to Hair loss in Modern Day

If you are facing the problem of hair lifting away from your scalp while washing, then hair transplants in Delhi can definitely help you. One must definitely never miss out  ISAAC Luxe which is one of the notable Skin care clinics providing the best hair transplants in Delhi

Here is a quick guide to hair transplants in Delhi, which will allow you to sort out the outlet that provides the best hair transplants in Delhi. We will also look into the causes of hair loss, how the process works and most importantly the FUE Technique adopted in many of the best hair transplants in Delhi. Let’s dig in!  

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What is Hair Loss and why consider Hair Transplant? 

Hair loss is a condition faced by both men and women in which hair falls off from the scalp.This leads to a condition called baldness. 

Earlier, baldness was a condition which did not have any medical procedures to overcome, With the advancement in technology, now easier to restore the lost hair by visiting a good clinic for hair transplant in Delhi

The causes of hair loss varies from person to person. The state of  baldness is found in the majority in males. This is attributed to genetics due to the release of certain hormones which in fact shows affect in Y-chromosomes. 

Thus when a boy reaches the age of puberty, the process of hair loss begins and by the time he reaches his 40s he would have lost the majority of hair. 

It is during this time majority of the people wander in search of the clinic providing the best hair transplants in Delhi

Lifestyle is another major factor affecting both males and females. Changes in environmental conditions, the water used, the food taken can also trigger the process of hair loss. 

A healthy diet in fact can have a serious positive impact on loss of hair. 

Psychological issues such as stress, lack of sleep, anxiety etc can also affect hair loss. Other major reasons why people should consult a good hair transplant in Delhi is because of the effect of medications, radiation therapies, use of chemical substances in hair etc. 

Why Choose ISAAC Luxe for Hair Transplant in Delhi? 

While opting for a hair transplant, it is always important to choose the best. Without a doubt, ISAAC Luxe offers one of the best hair transplants in Delhi.

Here are some of the reasons why ISAAC luxe is the best hair transplant in Delhi

  1. We only use the clinically proven technology for hair transplant.
  2. The recovery rate is simple mind boggling. 
  3. Affordable when compared to other international skin care clinics. 
  4. Improves hair growth 
  5. The clinic has some of the finest board certified dermatologists in Delhi. 

Get that look of real hair back with the best hair transplant in Delhi at ISAAC Luxe. 

What is the technology used by our experts for Hair Transplant in Delhi? 

The clinics for hair transplant in Delhi use a variety of approaches for fixing your hair. Some of the common approaches used by clinics for hair transplant in Delhi are the FUT method ( Follicular Unit Transplantation ) and the FUE method ( Follicular Unit Extraction). 

FUT is known as Micrografts and FUE is known as Silt grafts. 

The method adopted at the ISAAC Luxe hair transplant in Delhi is the most advanced technology of FUE. 

The graft of the former one contains upto 1-2 hairs while for the latter one, it is 4-10. In these methods, follicular hairs from the denser hair region are removed and re planted in areas with less hair. 

Slits are created on the scalp to which the hair is transplanted. The process is conducted by giving anesthesia to the patient. 

After multiple sessions, hair transplant is completed and the hair grows back in three to five months. The specialists at Hair transplant in Delhi will assist you in giving you information about the post hair care treatment. 

While the heart of the city is the best place for shopping, it is the best area where you can also find some of the best hair transplants in Delhi.  Visit ISAAC luxe for the most advanced and best hair transplants in Delhi