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Acne Treatment in Delhi


Teenage is a period when everyone wants to flaunt their beauty. But when puberty hits, our body undergoes several hormonal changes. This is when your worst nightmares become true – Acne. Reports suggest that 8 out of 10 teens encounter the problems of acne. So what exactly is Acne? 

Acne is a skin condition caused by clogging of pores by dirt or oil. It is formed in the body through pimples, blackheads, whiteheads. Majority suffers from acne on the face. However, they are also formed on the neck, chest and the back of your body. 

Most of the acne goes away after the teenage years. But for some, the problem persists to adulthood.That is when you have to consult a good dermatologist. When it comes to providing the best acne treatment in Delhi, ISAAC Luxe owes an extra edge. You will be given the best acne treatment in Delhi under the supervision of some of the finest dermatologists. We have in our hands some of the most advanced technology , the most advanced acne scar laser treatment in Delhi,to prevent those little bumpy monsters creeping back to your skin. 

Consult a dermatologist at ISAAC Luxe for acne scars and acne treatment in Delhi. We also have expanded franchises in Gurugram and Mumbai. We aim to provide the best services to our customers along with ensuring their safety. 

Factors causing Acne 

The reasons for Acne are several different. The cause varies from person to person. The specialists at a clinic for acne treatment in Delhi will determine the fundamental reasons for your acne and then provide the right remedy to put an end to it.

The primary reason for acne is hormones. People who have a lot of stress are likely to get these types of acne. They can be found on the nose, chin and the forehead. Derivatives of vitamin A such as Retinoids are proved to be highly beneficial for acne treatment. Visit a good dermatologist for determining the right choice of medication. 

Another Reason for Acnes is the diet. Carbohydrates have a lot to do with such acne problems although it is not clear how. Thus, it is better to avoid sugary food such as cakes, pastries as well as oily junk foods like Fries, Pizza, Sandwiches, Burgers etc.

Medication is another root cause of acne. The term for the type of acne induced by medication is known as aggrandize acne. It can form as a part of an allergic reaction to certain drugs containing steroids or iodides. But these kinds of acne are very rare. If you suffer from aggrandize acne, then ISAAC Luxe has the right specialist for acne treatment in Delhi

Make up applicants such as primer, foundation , concealer or anything that clogs pores are also a reason for acne and breakouts. It is also advised to clean Brushes and accessories once in a while to get rid of the bacteria. 

Acne Scars and Acne scar laser Treatment in Delhi 

Acnes are mostly seen in teenage boys because they have a high amount of male hormones. Adolescent girls also suffer from it but the rate is comparatively less. The real problem begins when this follows up through to your 20s and 30s. The scars such acne leaves are scars on your self esteem. This is when you have to choose a good acne scar laser treatment in DelhiISAAC Luxe provides the best acne scar laser treatment in Delhi. Their immense experience in the acne treatment in Delhi has in fact been one of the milestones of the clinic. A good acne scar treatment can reduce the unevenness of your face, remove unwanted marks and give you the smooth looking skin you always hoped for. 

Procedure of  Acne Scar Laser Treatment in Delhi: The laser focuses on that particular area of the skin where acne scars are present and remove the top layer of the derma surface. In this way, the underlying skin is exposed and within a few days the cells regenerate making the appearance of the scar much less noticeable. 

The side effects of acne scar laser treatment include blemishes, redness and pain. The pain is likely to subside within a few hours and the redness will go away within a week. 

Get an appointment for Acne scar Laser Treatment in Delhi with ISAAC Luxe. We adopt FDA Approved techniques for any dermatological concerts of yours. Consult our specialists for your pimple problems and acquire the top-notch acne treatment in Delhi.