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Microblading Eyebrows: 5 Reasons to Get the Semi-permanent Eyebrow Tattoo

Want fuller eyebrows that look natural? Consider microblading, a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that promises long-lasting results and is expert-approved.

What is Microblading?

Eyebrow grooming has become an essential part of every beauty routine. However, getting even and perfect brows every day using three-four different eyebrow products can be a tedious task. Enter: Microblading. Microblading, or semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, involves the use of tiny, fine-point needles that deposit pigment by scratching the surface of the skin. It is done by hand which allows the technician to wield more control, thus resulting in natural-looking brows made up of tiny little hair-like lines. The process usually takes between 30-60 minutes, depending on how much filling you need. The treatment has gained immense popularity for its ability to give fuller and flawless eyebrows.   

Why should you consider microblading eyebrows?

Microblading has gained a lot of traction in the beauty industry and for good reason. Here are five reasons why people around the world are considering this semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo and you should too: 

It reduces the hassle of getting ready in the morning

Filling in eyebrows using several products can be time-consuming and tiresome. Since microblading is a semi-permanent solution for full and flawless brows, you won’t need to waste any more time trying to achieve even and presentable brows. With this semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, you can now have the ‘I woke up like this’ set of brows in less than an hour. 

It does not smudge

Even if you have an active lifestyle where you work out a lot, you can still opt for microblading. It does not smudge or smear off. This is because it implants pigments into the first three layers of skin. Without having to add any makeup, you can now enjoy any physical activity without the worry of losing the look of your brows. 

It is virtually painless

A strong numbing cream is the first step of the microblading treatment. This cream makes the process virtually pain-free. Most clients only report minor discomfort and pressure as the pigment is implemented into the skin. Nonetheless, if you have a very low threshold for pain, be sure to discuss it with your practitioner. To make your treatment worthwhile, the professionals at ISAAC Luxe follow a detailed and personalised approach to deliver the best results with the least discomfort.

It is safe

Microblading is very safe in the hands of a professional microblading artist. Although the treatment is FDA approved, not every technician is trained enough considering it is a fairly new process. At ISAAC Luxe, our professionals are medically trained to give you beautiful and perfectly shaped eyebrow tattoos using state-of-the-art technology.

It provides long-lasting results

One hour of microblading treatment can save you six to eighteen months of hassle and worry to get perfect eyebrows using temporary make-up. In most cases, you will only have to get a touch-up every six months for maintenance. Overall, semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos still make getting ready a lot quicker, thus saving precious time. 

Which clinic should you choose for microblading in India?

Considering someone else will be ‘designing’ your eyebrows, it is important to find the right artist. Our dermatologists at ISAAC Luxe will discuss in detail the shape or the density of your brows. Accordingly, a bespoke pigment blend will be made, to match your current brows, followed by the use of a microblade to etch tiny hair-like strokes. Our highly experienced dermatologists & aestheticians will conduct personalised consultation and pay timely attention to provide you with the most natural-looking semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. 

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