Acne Treatment In Bangalore


One of the most prevalent skin conditions affecting all these men and women throughout adolescence is acne. Although in their mid-30s, some people still have to cope with this issue for a while.


Learn about the roots of breakouts and the numerous treatments that are offered in Bangalore.


  • 91% of our patients experience acne-free skin for several years after receiving medical treatment at ISSAC Luxe because we provide holistic and individualized care.
  • Our dedication to safety protocol reduces hazards and aids in getting the finest outcomes.
  • At our clinic, acne treatment procedures are simple and painless.
  • At our Bangalore clinics, skilled dermatologists specialize in the treatment of all grades and varieties of acne.

Causes Of Acne Treatment In Bangalore?

Acne is mostly brought on by increased sebaceous glands producing excessive amounts of sebum. Breakouts are caused by clogged hair cells and an elevation in microbial action in the skin’s pores.


Any of the following varieties of acne may appear:


  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Pustules \sPapules
  • chronic acne
  • Acne nodules

What Are The Reasons Acne Can Get Worse?

Your acne issue could get worse due to the following factors:


  • Imbalance of hormones
  • Heightened stress
  • Pollution
  • Food intolerances
  • Excess sugar consumption
  • Using products that aren’t right for your delicate skin
  • A harsh technique for cleaning and scrubbing
  • Use of anti-epileptic medications and corticosteroids.

Solution of Acne Treatment In Bangalore?

You can anticipate the following stages if you choose to receive your acne treatment from a reputable skin clinic.


A dermatologist will evaluate your type of skin and health during your consultation. He will also note your eating habits, lifestyle, and medical history.


Before creating an individually tailored treatment plan, the doctor will determine the severity of the acne and its underlying cause.


Before setting up your appointment for the treatment, he will provide you with pre-care advice.To achieve the best results, the treatment process will be set out with calibrated intervals.

Who Makes A Good Candidate?

This cutting-edge aesthetic surgery is appropriate for anyone over the age of eighteen who has acne. Women who are nursing or pregnant should not choose it, nevertheless.

Is the Medicine a Permanent Fix?

Only if the underlying problem is addressed can any acne treatment provide you with long-lasting results. If you adhere to the post-care instructions and do not experience any hormonal imbalances, you can experience long-lasting satisfaction.

What Time Is Best To See Your Dermatologist?

If you see any of the following, it is recommended that you see a dermatologist: It is best to see a dermatologist if you suddenly have breakouts so they can determine if a hormone imbalance is to blame.


To avoid long-term collagen damage, you should seek quick medical assistance if you have skin problems that manifest as painful, inflamed lumps on your skin. Ask a doctor for assistance on how to prevent acne scarring if you discover that it has already occurred.


Acne does not constitute a life-threatening disorder, but it can leave scars that last a lifetime. Remember that if you act quickly, acne is easily cured. Get in touch with an accomplished dermatologist at ISSAC Luxe right away if you’re suffering from acne, and get ready to showcase a clear complexion!