Acne Treatment In Pune

acne treatment in pune


ISSAC Luxe is a super specialty, aesthetic cosmetic, and hair transplant center.

Our surgeons have extensive education, success, and training in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Her experience in cosmetic surgery is what drives celebrity skin expert Dr Geetika to participate in acne and skin treatment.


The medical staff at ISSAC Luxe is composed of knowledgeable physicians with extensive training in skin and acne treatments.

Effects Of Acne Treatment In Pune

When your hair follicles become clogged with dirt and oil, acne is a skin disorder that develops. It results in pimples, blackheads, or whiteheads. Although it can afflict anyone at any age, acne is most prevalent in teenagers.


Although there are medications available for acne, the condition may continue. The lumps and pimples heal slowly, and just as one starts to go, another one seems to appear.


Regardless of how severe it is, acne can leave skin scars and create psychological pain. The earlier you begin therapy, the lesser your likelihood of developing such issues.

Whenever to visit a doctor

Consult your primary care physician if self-care measures fail to eliminate your acne. He or she may recommend harsher drugs. You might wish to get medical attention from a dermatologist if your acne worsens or persists (dermatologist or pediatric dermatologist).


Acne can last for years in many women, with flare-ups frequently occurring a week before menstrual. Women who use pills often experience this sort of acne, but it typically disappears on its own.


Suddensudden emergence of severe acne in older persons may indicate an underlying illness that has to be treated medically.

Procedure Of Acne Treatment In Punez

Check with your doctor about pharmaceutical drugs if you’ve used over-the-counter (nonprescription) acne remedies for several weeks and none of them worked. Getting advice from a dermatologist can:


  • Manage your acne
  • Avoid getting scars or other skin damage.
  • lessen the visibility of scars


Acne treatments function by lowering sebum production, curing bacterial infections, and/or reducing swelling. Results from the majority of prescription acne medications could take between four and eight weeks to appear. Your acne may not clear up for several months or even years.


Q. 1 – How can I get my acne treated?

Ans – Your dermatologist might also perform an incision and drainage operation to get rid of a bothersome cyst, nodule, or huge pimple. It entails opening the imperfection with a clean syringe or scalpel blade and extracting whatever is inside.

Q.2 – How can I get rid of my acne for good?

Ans – Isotretinoin: This powerful medication combats germs, blocked pores, oil from the skin, and inflammation, the four root causes of acne (redness and swelling). After using isotretinoin for one course, approximately 85% of patients experience permanent clearance.