Anti Ageing Laser Treatment in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

Anti Ageing Laser Treatment in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

It is known from the beginning that humans have been trying to fight the signs of aging. It, therefore, has become a big concern to retain our youthful skin as long as possible. For now, anti aging laser treatment also known as laser skin resurfacing is a good substitute. Moreover, it is a non-invasive non-surgical method that improves the skin texture without damaging our skin permanently. It involves many methods which boost skin texture and appearance, reduces the signs of aging, lines, and dark spots, removes hair and other skin imperfections


Anti-Aging Laser Treatment Process

All anti-aging laser treatments work in essentially the same way. 

A high-intensity light is passed to the target area which provides different effects depending on the heat of the laser and the tools provided.


Anti Ageing Laser treatment is a procedure where one can get their lost youth back. We provide you with the best experts handling the work with utmost care and perfection. This treatment helps you to look younger than before by eliminating dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, unwanted hairs and much more. The best part is that it is non – invasive, non-surgical and cost-effective. It also helps in rejuvenating the cells and giving a defined look to the person. Old aged people can seek this treatment method for great results.

Post-treatment recommendations

Right after the treatment, your skin is going to be very sensitive so there is a need to take special care to reduce the risk of causing discomfort. Some of the post-treatment recommendations involve:

  1. Protecting the treated area from sun exposure  
  2. Keeping  the treated skin hydrated  
  3. Reduces swelling and redness
  4. Skip using cosmetics with strong ingredients 
  5. Wait for the skin to heal completely for a few weeks 
  6. Avoid picking up the treated area 
  7. Use sunscreens recommended by the doctor

Side Effects Caused by Treatment

While it is a non-invasive method that is much safer than surgical methods it is important to be aware of the side effects caused by it.

  1. The  lasered skin area will be associated with mild burns 
  2. Rashes are common  
  3. Sometimes skin  could negatively react  by showing hyperpigmentation
  4. It is not uncommon for skin for long term redness
  5. In rare cases, the skin might be associated with some infections
  6. The treated skin might be associated with scars if not treated properly
  7. Cutaneous infection by bacteria is also common

Benefits of laser treatments

Nowadays most people look for non-invasive treatments  which provide several  benefits which have appeared to e a wonder cosmetic amplification

  1. The most attractive benefit is that it is non-invasive unlike surgical methods
  2.  It enhances one’s natural features without harming the skin 
  3. They are more  cost-effective in long term  unlike the surgical methods 
  4. They are not  very painful either
  5. It helps to restore  the ability of the skin to heal it
  6. It increases the strength of the skin barrier against damage
  7. It decreases the skins aptitude of aging
  8. It provides long-lasting results


    Q1. Can I go outside in sunlight after Anti Ageing Laser treatment?

    Ans – It is recommended not to go under direct sunlight rather cover the area which was treated.

    Q2. Should I go for surgical methods or laser treatments?

    Ans – Laser treatments are much more convenient when compared to surgical methods. Moreover, it is very cost-effective.

    Q3. Is Anti Ageing Laser treatment safe for the skin?

    Ans – Yes it is safe for the skin as it is scientifically proven too. No damage or any major issue is built during this process.

    Q4. Can this method also remove dark spots?

    Ans – Yes it can also remove dark spots and give a fresh look.

    Q5. How much time does it take?

    Ans – It takes about 30-40 min depending on the precision of work and area being covered.

    Q6. Which age group is preferable?

    Ans – Majorly above the thirties are preferred to use this process but any person having issues in twenties can also try this method.

    Q7. Are there any side effects after treatment too?

    Ans – No, there’s no side effect after treatment, it is scientifically proven and tested on the majority of people who were satisfied after the results.

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