Carbon Miracle Facial in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon / Gurugram

Carbon Miracle Facial in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon / Gurugram

Carbon is the element that is present in almost all of earth’s creations. The human body is made up of carbon. It has a lot of properties that are good for our body both inside and outside. It does a lot for our skin and can be called quite a miracle. Carbon Miracle Facial is a treatment that uses carbon particles to give you a youthful glow and to get rid of all impurities. It is very cost-effective and is being done in all major dermatology clinics. This is a great refreshment for your skin especially if you are someone who is associated with stress. 

Carbon Miracle Facial Step By Step Process

Step 1 – after you book an appointment for the facial, the doctor tests your skin for possible allergies associated with the ingredients of the facial

Step 2 – The skin is cleansed and all the dirt and impurities are removed. 

Step 3 – The Carbon Miracle Facial is applied evenly onto the face. 

Step 4 – Liquid carbon is applied on the face that will absorb all the impurities 

Step 5 – Laser is passed on the skin which removes the carbon from the skin’s surface. 

Step 6 – Since the carbon is attracted to the laser light, it splits away from the skin carrying all the impurities with it. 

Post-Treatment recommendations for Carbon Miracle Facial

It is essential to take care of your skin matter what treatment you get. It is in your hands to maintain the goodness of the facial

  1. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents on your skin
  2. Do not unnecessarily touch the face as it will clog the pores 
  3. Do your basic skincare routine regularly 
  4. Consult with your doctor about any medications that might react 
  5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle to enhance the effects of this facial 
  6. Eat food with good nutrients and collagen-building compounds. 
  7. Water is very essential to have perfect skin 

Side Effects of Carbon Miracle Facial 

Side effects are inevitable but this treatment, in particular, has very few to say so. It all depends on your skin’s sensitivity as the laser can be quite harsh. 

  1. The laser can cause skin irritation that can last for a day 
  2. The skin may appear red and flakey 
  3. It might also feel itchy and scratch=hing can further damage it
  4. The laser might leave the skin swollen 
  5. Deep cleaning of the pores can lead to bleeding in rare cases 
  6. The skin might feel extremely tight and stretched 
  7. You might feel extra dry and would have to moisturize 

Benefits of Carbon Miracle Treatment 

Carbon Miracle Treatment is a very sought after treatment. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are known to have gotten it done on their skin. 

  1. It reduces the wrinkles and fine lines on the face 
  2. It tightens the pores after deep cleaning them 
  3. It is helpful in removing acne scars and discolourations 
  4. It promotes the growth of new skin cells 
  5. It removes blackheads and whiteheads 
  6. It improves the overall skin texture
  7. It considerably reduces rough skin texture
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