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Dermafrac Microneedling Treatment for Instant glow

Dermafrac microneedling treatment is a great way to stimulate the natural healing powers of our skin.

The needles will make minute wounds in our skin and our repair system will try and fix those while also treating the problematic skin that might have blemishes and acne scars. It rejuvenates the skin and does not lead to bleeding or pain.

It enhances the effect of the medication and stuff that you put over your skin as the needling has created micro-channels through which they can reach the root of the skin. 

Dermafrac Microneedling Treatment Process Step-By-Step

Step 1 – The doctor diagnoses the skin and finds out the extent of treatment required to fix it. 

Step 2 – The skin is cleansed and all the impurities and dirt are removed 

Step 3 – Derma roller that contains the microneedles is rolled over the skin 

Step 4 – Led light is shown over the rolled area to soothe the skin

Step 5 – The skin is now ready for post-treatment care 

Dermafrac Microneedling Treatment

Why Do You Need Our Dermafrac Microneedling Treatment In Delhi

Dermafrac micro-needling treatment In Delhi is a process through which you can enhance the quality of the skin such as getting a defined shape and clear skin.

We provide you with the best technology and facilities through which you can achieve desired results in less time. This treatment helps in getting rid of acne and pimples.

It also promotes the growth of new skin as it enhances the production of collagen fibres in the cells. Those who want to get smooth and healthy skin can try this method as it gives an immediate result in less time.

Post-Treatment Recommendations For Dermafrac Microneedling Treatment In Delhi

Dermafrac micro needling in Delhi is all about how you take care of the skin post-treatment. Whatever you put on your skin after the needling is going to have an enhanced effect.

  1. It is recommended to put hyaluronic acid on your skin 
  2. Do not touch the skin unnecessarily 
  3. Apply collagen production products for enhanced results 
  4. You can also apply coconut oil as it will lock in the moisture 
  5. Keep hydrating the skin as it is the best time to do this 
  6. Wait at least a day before you use any active skincare products
  7. Avoid contact with sunlight for 24 hours 

Side Effects Of Dermafrac Microneedling Treatment In Mumbai

There are not that many side effects for dermafrac micro needling in Mumbai ,but if your skin is sensitive then you might experience a little inconvenience 

  1. Your skin might appear red and irritated 
  2. Sometimes the needling treatment can cause bleeding 
  3. Harsh handling of the equipment can cause peeling 
  4. The skin might feel too dry if not moisturized properly 
  5. The skin can feel stretched or tight immediately after the treatment 
  6. If the needles are not sanitised, it can lead to infection 
  7. Harsh wounds can cause bleeding and bruising 

Benefits Of Dermafrac Microneedling Treatment In Gurgaon 

There are numerous benefits of dermafrac microneedling in gurgaon. The small abrasions that are made, make way for skin repairing and rejuvenating 

  1. It promotes the growth of new skin 
  2. It helps in enhancing the power of the skincare products 
  3. It creates a channel for deep moisturizing 
  4. It helps to get rid of acne scars and marks 
  5. It is a perfect way to completely change the texture of your skin 
  6. It helps in reducing sun damage
  7. It improves the elasticity of the skin 


Ans – No, it’s not risky but it is a  little painful during the procedure.

Ans – Those who want to get a tight and clear face can get this treatment.

Ans – People who are above the twenties age group can get this treatment.

Ans – This treatment takes less than an hour depending on the requirement 

Ans – Visible results can be seen immediately or after 1-2 days

Ans – Normal irritation and redness may be felt.

  1. Ans – Yes, it is tried on many people and so it is safe.