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Cherry Lips

Everything You Need To Know About Cherry Lips: 2023’s Biggest Lip Trend

Cherry lips is the new trend that helps you achieve plump, lush, and juicy lips

Have you often noticed how certain celebrities seem to have lush and plump lips? Voluminous and thick lips have gained popularity in recent years, and hence treatments like lip fillers are in vogue. The most trending such treatment is perhaps the “cherry lips.” Think of Korean beauties who appear to have rosy red, naturally plump lips like babies. The shape of this filler technique makes it a unique choice.

What are cherry lips?

The name is not just quirky but refers to the shape created by the fillers. To achieve cherry lips, the fillers are only injected at the center of the lips. Thus, the volume and dimension are more natural, and yet your lips look fuller than before.

The outer corner remains the same, while the middle section of both lips is plumper. This unique shape makes you appear more youthful, and the lips are pouty and cute. Usually, hyaluronic acid fillers are used to create this lip shape. The extent of the filler density depends on the client’s preferences.

Why opt for cherry lips?

Why opt for such a budding trend when there are such wide varieties of lip treatments? Even though it is a relatively new trend in the world, Korea has been practicing it for some time now. As a result, you will see several Korean actresses, actors, and K-Pop stars sporting the “cherry lips.”

Unlike regular lip filler treatments, cherry lip appear more natural since the filling is done very selectively and subtly. As a result, the change is not dramatic, yet you get a significantly fuller appearance. As a result, it is hard to tell if you underwent treatment but still appear youthful.

Lip treatments for cherry lips

If you are looking for treatments to get cherry lips, ISAAC Luxe is your best choice in India. We offer several lip treatments that can help to achieve the desired shape. They are as follows:

Lip fillers

Lip filler is a common treatment, and basically, the same one used to create cherry lips. A dermal filler of hyaluronic acid is injected to make your lips look fuller. The treatment is ideal for you if you feel they are too thin or uneven.

Lip fillers, when injected selectively, can also help to achieve cherry lips. Our experts would provide you with consultation after examining your lips to determine the best shape.

Lush lips

Plumping your lips like cherry is just half the work- you also get that natural rosy tint. This is where ISAAC Luxe lush lip treatment comes to your aid. It is a painless procedure that adds a permanent tint to your lips. The color is natural but more vibrant than before. You can bid adieu to prep your lips daily before going out and flaunting the natural rosiness.

The treatment takes barely any time and does not have any side effects like swelling. A needle is used to infuse the colors and, based on the intensity you want; the process is repeated a few times at 2-3 minute intervals.

ISAAC Luxe has some of the best treatments when looking for fuller lips. Make your lips look plumper and healthier, and become a part of the growing trend of cherry lips with the help of our experts.