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Best FUE Hair Transplant In Delhi

If you are having a lot of hair loss and having baldness then you can get follicular unit extraction or FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi. If you are looking for authentic information and studies then you have reached the right place. Read down the sections below to know more.

Benefits Of FUI Hair Transplant 

There are various benefits of an follicular unit extraction Hair Transplant through which numerous people are benefited some are mentioned in the following points below: 

  • The hair follicles are regained in this procedure.
  • Hair density is gradually increasing.
  • The hair gets much stronger.
  • You can easily maintain and style your hair according to your will.
  • It also helps in bringing the lost confidence.
  • It reduces the investment of money and time in future work.
  • The rate of getting successful treatment is higher than any other treatment.

Post-Treatment Recommendations For Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant 

There are some recommendations which you need to follow after the treatment as per the doctors to get the best results in very less time:

  • Avoid consuming alcohol or smoking.
  • Do not get indulged in extensive treatment or rigorous physical activities.
  • Follow proper medication recommended by the doctor.
  • Avoid getting under direct sunlight.
  • Keep the head properly covered while going outside.
  • Use only doctor’s recommended products properly.
  • Get the proper amount of sleep.

    Time-Period For FUI Hair Transplant

    It is a time-consuming treatment in which hair follicles are placed. Takes about 4- 8 hours which totally depends on the grafts getting placed during the procedure. After the treatment is done the patient can go home the same day.

    Side-Effects Of Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant

    There are side effects of follicular unit extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant which can be easily healed by proper medications. Some minor side effects are as given below:

    • Redness in the scalp.
    • Pain while sleeping or in a rest state.
    • Itchiness and irritation.
    • The face may swell.
    • Minor bruises around the eyes.
    Fue Hair Transplant in Delhi

    FUE Hair Transplant Cost In Delhi 

    The cost of follicular unit extraction Hair Transplant varies based on various factors, it can be because of high-quality tools, experienced doctors, greater infrastructure, and so on. The major baseline price for Fue Hair Transplant in Delhi is 35k and above.