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Delhi pollution is something we all fear and we have good reasons for that as well. From skin problems to breathing problems, everything becomes problematic when the AQI drops even below 900 which is extremely critical and one less talked about the problem of Delhi’s pollution is Hair fall. These harmful chemicals in the air greatly affect your hair strength and life and in turn, make them weak. If you have an office job where you have to stay outside for longer periods then you would notice your hair thinning. 

That’s why ISAAC Luxe is here for the best hair fall treatment in Delhi. We provide customised Hair fall treatment techniques to each individual’s condition and demands. Every scalp is different, and each person needs a treatment that is tailored to their skin, lifestyle, and health issues. We strive to deliver services that are both distinctive and personalised.

Hair Fall Treatment

What Is A Hair Fall Treatment? 

Hair fall treatment is a procedure that provides solutions for hair fall and other hair problems. Hair fall treatments are catered to the patients on an individual basis. These treatments are done by trained professionals who understand your hair needs.

The hair fall treatment process begins with a consultation with our dermatologists and then with. The patient is then recommended with the appropriate treatment options based on their condition.

Why Choose A Hair Fall Treatment In Delhi?

Hair fall treatment is a non-surgical, non-invasive medical solution for men and women suffering from hair fall. By using our hair fall treatment, you can achieve natural-looking results without surgery or scars.

The Treatment is safe and effective for a wide range of patients, even those with active lifestyles. The hair fall treatment is not just a cosmetic solution. It’s also medically proven to be effective in stopping progressive hair loss and promoting the growth of new hair.

If you’re suffering from hair loss, you want it to stop. And you want to look like yourself again. You want a solution that’s going to be right for you long-term – one that fits your lifestyle and makes you feel like yourself and that’s what we do.

Pre & Post Hair Fall Treatment Care, ISAAC LUXE

Pre Hair Fall Treatment Care:

  1. Comb your hair because it improves blood circulation in the scalp. Using a wide-toothed comb instead of a hairbrush will result in fewer strands falling out.
  2. Include items like green tea, soya, pumpkin seeds, and others in your diet.
  3. Include extra eggs, almonds, black dates, garden cress seeds, black raisins, and fenugreek in your diet if your hair fall is caused by anaemia or iron deficiency.
  4. Avoid smoking since it might worsen hair fall. Smoking lowers your body’s blood flow, which means your hair follicles won’t get enough nutrients, resulting in hair fall.
  5. Don’t forget to condition your hair because it nourishes it and prevents hair fall.
  6. A lukewarm oil massage utilising oils like coconut, almond, and castor will enhance scalp circulation and tightening of hair follicles.

Post Hair Fall Treatment Care:

  1. Avoid hairstyles that impose strain on the hair, such as tight ponytails, buns, and so on.
  2. If you have a lot of hair fall, avoid using hair treatments like perming, straightening, colouring, etc. These will aggravate the situation.
  3. Wet hair should not be rubbed violently with a towel or dried with a blow dryer, since this will cause the hair to become weaker and more brittle. Allow it to air dry naturally instead.
  4. Refuse chemical and heat-based treatments.
  5. Excessive blow-drying, hot combs, hair straighteners, colouring treatments, bleaching chemicals, perms, and relaxers can completely dry up the hair strands.
  6. Avoid fried meals and caffeinated beverages.
  7. Avoid swimming in chlorinated water on a regular basis.


ISAAC Luxe is a leading provider of hair fall treatment in Delhi NCR and all neighbouring areas..

Our certified laser hair fall treatment specialists have the expertise in treating all types of hair fall conditions using proven techniques.

Hair fall can be caused by a variety of factors, and therapy should be tailored to the specific cause. There is no single remedy for all hair issues. Booking a consultation with us is the best approach to determine the source of your hair fall.


ISAAC Luxe is a high-end clinic in Delhi that employs cutting-edge technology. We have a team of specialised professionals that are highly qualified and skilled in providing the finest hair fall treatment.