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Are you tired of searching for the best hair transplant treatment in Mumbai which is affordable in price, has the latest technology and facilities?.

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There are various clinics where you may get your treatment done but at ISAAC Luxe you get assurance of getting the best treatment:

  • Affordable rates give an opportunity to avail of the treatment easily.
  • Experienced doctors and surgeons.
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  • Latest technologies make the procedure more precise and less painful.
  • Proper hygiene in overall infrastructure and procedure.
Hair Transplant In Mumbai


There are two major techniques for hair transplantation in Mumbai which can help you get back your hair with ease:

  • FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction is the method in which the individual hair follicle is removed from the scalp directly and punched into the bald area as per the surgeon.
  • FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation is a method in which a particular section from the back of the head is cut to extract the hair follicles. It also leaves a dark mark and is quite cheaper than FUE.

FUE treatment is highly recommended as it takes less time, pain and leaves no scar after the treatment.


The hair transplantation in Mumbai at Issac Luxe is done via a few simple steps for FUE and FUT treatment:


  • Hair Follicles are removed via special equipment.
  • The hair is examined & analyzed.
  • It is then punched to the bald areas.
  • The patient is given proper medication and allowed to leave.


  • A certain section from the scalp is cut to take out the hair follicles.
  • The hair is examined properly.
  • It is then punched into the bald areas.
  • The patient may be allowed to go home but it takes higher downtime.


There are various benefits of the Hair Transplant procedure which are as given below:

  • You can regrow the lost hair in the bald areas properly.
  • Proper styling can be done.
  • No fear of excessive breakage while combing.
  • It also helps in reviving the lost confidence.
  • It is a very rare case to lose regrown hair.
  • It saves your money for future use.


There are some minimal side effects while doing the hair transplant procedure which can be seen in the following points:

  • Redness to the scalp.
  • Itchiness and irritation may occur after the treatment.
  • Face got swollen.
  • Pain while sleeping.
    • Blood may ooze out.


Answer – The treatment procedure takes time and certain steps which eventually help in giving the results. So, the patients must not hurry and should have trusted in the treatment process.

Answer – The results are seen in a month as regrowth of hair is seen over the scalp. Proper medications need to be followed.

Answer – If the hair is properly maintained as per the medications given by the doctor then it shall remain for a longer duration.

Answer – The patient should follow the proper procedure and medications as per given by the doctor. Such as cleaning and maintenance of the scalp.

Answer – The patient must eat and sleep properly before the day of the hair transplant procedure begins. Aso they must follow the medications and instructions carefully before the treatment process is started.

Answer – It reduces the chances to lose hair in the future or helps the person to know the reason for the loss of hair. Hence, a certified hair transplant surgeon is needed in such processes.

Answer – Yes, they are certified and trained doctors who have also worked on many patients.

Answer – It depends on the type of treatment as FUE patients can return to home and work at the same day while FUT patients need to rest for a few days.

Answer – Those who have hair fall or have lost hair can get a hair transplant.

Answer – Yes, the hair patches are made from real human hair. It can be even artificial but it depends on which price range the person wants.

Answer –  Yes, hair styling can be easily done after hair patch pasting as it is firmly fixed and helps to give a defined look.

Answer – Yes you can wash the head with shampoo but only with the guidance of the doctor and after taking some rest from the treatment

Answer – Yes you can color your hair but it will reduce the quality of hair gradually if the ingredients have harsh chemicals in it.

Answer – After a week it is recommended to go for servicing the hair patch or even more according to the wig.

Answer – Hair transplantation works on two major processes which can be seen in the procedure section above this site.

Answer – Much of the transplanted hair looks natural when grown properly. Indeed you need to take proper hair care.

Answer – A hair transplant procedure takes a day and then a few sessions are required to give the final touch-up. 

Answer- The hair transplant procedure gives pain for a few days or even weeks according to the healing capacity and the type of treatment done over the person.

Answer – The recovery of the person depends on the proper self-care and taking proper medication as given by the doctors. It almost takes a month to heal.

Answer – People hardly get to notice if it’s a minute change but at least it gives a defined natural look which you won’t hide.

Answer – The new hair starts to grow after a week if taken proper medications and cleanliness as said by the doctors.

Answer – The results are everlasting as it is punched in the head but you need to make sure to take proper healthcare in order to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Answer – No you don’t need to take medicines for a lifetime but the treatment procedure takes a lot of time.

Answer – It is necessary to choose the right clinic and surgeon to get the natural look you need to get things done under the guidance of professionals.

Answer – Any season is favorable for hair transplantation but the spring or winter season is highly recommended by the doctors.

The cost of hair transplant treatment in Mumbai ranges from Rs. 10000 and above. It all depends on the type, facilities provided, and various other factors.