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Non-Surgical Facelift in Mumbai

Non Surgical Face lift Treatment in Mumbai

Non Surgical face lift Treatment in Mumbai is an extremely effective process of facelifting without the hurdles of incisions or anesthesia. Face lifting is generally seen as a surgical process using needles in sessions and anesthesia. Individuals require face lifting for a range of issues starting from fine lines on the face to wanting fuller lips. 

Non surgical face lift in Mumbai is available in ISAAC Luxe at an affordable price and fairly effective process. 

How Does A Non Surgical Face lift Treatment Work? 

Non surgical face lift is a non-invasive process that addresses several skin issues that arise due to aging or the clients’ rejuvenation needs. 

One of the common methods used for a non-surgical facelift in Mumbai is by using Derma fillers. 

Dermal fillers can be used to fill in the sunken cheeks and to remove fine lines. These fillers plump up the face and also increase the glow. 

Another method available for a non-surgical facelift in Mumbai is using thread lifting. 

In the thread, a lifting thread of the required length is inserted into the skin, pulling the skin back and tightening it, thus giving it a lifting effect. Thread lifting also increases collagen production in those skin areas and thus helps in producing new skin. 

The other and the most common method of non-surgical face left is by using Botox. 

Botox smoothes the lines that occur on the forehead and the crow’s feet that appear on the corners of the eye. Botox’s effects are seen within one to two weeks after the procedure, and it can last up to three to four months. 

What To Expect From Your Non Surgical Face lift? 

You can expect your non-surgical face lifting treatment in Mumbai to finish the procedure as soon as possible without having to undergo the painful process of deep cuts or Anastasia stitching for spending a night in the hospital.

You can expect a non-surgical facelift to fix your aging, and other personnel skin needs at a very low cost by spending minimal time at the hospital. And also, you can get decreases that appear on your forehead filled with fuller lips to lift your cheeks, remove crow’s feet, and all in all, give yourself a new youthful vibrance.

Down Time For A Non Surgical Face lift?

There is little to no downtime after a non surgical facelift. The only thing that is prescribed is if you face any discomfort in the form of allergic reactions or swelling redness, or any such kind, immediately contact your dermatologist. Clients can get to the hospital by themselves and leave feeling completely painless immediately after the procedure. 

The dermatologist is commonly prescribed to take care of the treated skin by using a good sunscreen and preventing using harsh chemicals for a few days after the procedures.

Is It Safe To Facelift Without Surgery? 

Without a doubt, it is the safest to perform face lifting without surgery as surgical face lifting involves extensive use of needles puncturing the face for incisions and the usage of anesthesia. 

Non surgical face lift in uses harmless procedures that, in a procedure like thread lift. Even promote the skin’s natural abilities to refill itself in the sunken areas. 

Cost Of A Non Surgical Facelift In Mumbai At Isaac Luxe? 

The cost for a non-surgical facelift in Mumbai at Isaac Luxe might depend on the customer’s needs. It can also depend on the procedure of choice as the prices vary for Derma fillers Botox and thread lift. 

Do’s and Don’ts after your non-surgical facelift treatment. 

A non-surgical facelift does not have a big healing time like a surgical facelift procedure. Individuals can generally carry on their usual skincare process after a gap of 2 to 3 days or as prescribed by the dermatologist.

Do’s After Your Non surgical Facelift Treatment

  1. Use Sunscreen It is always advisable to use sunscreen even though you just got a non-surgical facelift treatment.
  2. Check For Allergic Reactions –  Check on your skin after the procedure for any negative reactions.  
  3. Use MoisturizerDo not let the skin dehydrate. use a light moisturizer.
  4. Drink Water Drink enough water and have nutritious food.
  5. Consultation Consult with your dermatologist regularly. 

Don’ts After Your Non surgical Face lift Treatment

  1. Don’t try makeup – Do not wear heavy makeup for at least 2 weeks after the non-surgical facelift. 
  2. No Too Much SunStay away from harsh noon sun and always apply sunscreen.
  3. Unnecessary TouchingDo not touch or put any pressure on the lifted area.
  4. Don’t BleachDo not bleach skin in your hair for at least two weeks after face lifting.
  5. Heavy ProductsStick to lighter skincare products for post-procedure skincare.