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Pregnancy-Safe Facial

Pregnancy Safe Facial Treatments

Do you want to keep your skin healthy and radiant throughout your pregnancy? Try these pregnancy safe facial treatments at ISAAC Luxe.

Do you want to get the coveted “pregnancy glow”? During pregnancy, your hormones can go haywire and cause a range of skin issues like acne, melasma, dryness, skin sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation. Dealing with these skin concerns during pregnancy can be extra frustrating. And, to add to the problems, you can’t use your reliable active ingredients like retinol to tackle these skin concerns as they are not safe to use during pregnancy. If you are struggling to maintain your skin health during your pregnancy, it is time to seek professional help. We have rounded up some of the best pregnancy safe facial treatments you can try at ISAAC Luxe to give your skin some extra TLC.


For all the mamas-to-be dealing with dull and dry skin, HydraFacial is an excellent option. It is one of the best pregnancy safe facial treatments. Because it can replenish moisture and instantly revitalise your skin without causing any damage to you or your little one. This multi-step treatment involves cleansing and exfoliating. After a deep cleanse and thorough extraction to remove all the gunk. Your skin is infused with a cocktail of nourishing ingredients that leaves your skin glowing. If you are dealing with pregnancy-induced hormonal acne, HydraFacial can work wonders for your skin. The final step of this treatment involves LED light therapy. In this step, your skin is exposed to blue light to kill acne-causing bacteria and red light to boost collagen production. After the treatment, your skin will appear healthy, hydrated, and plump.

O2 Derm Facial

O2Derm Facial at ISAAC Luxe is a must-try treatment for all the mamas seeking a radiant and youthful complexion. It is one of the best pregnancy safe facial treatments as it tackles tired-looking skin and visible signs of ageing by boosting blood circulation in your skin. This cutting-edge procedure involves placing a dome-shaped mask on your skin to deliver pure, ionised oxygen with the help of a hyperbaric chamber. Since this treatment infuses your skin with purified oxygen, your skin appears hydrated and plump after the procedure. Enhanced blood flow to your skin promotes a radiant, healthy complexion.


Since chemical peels are off the table, are you in search of a safe yet effective exfoliating treatment that can rejuvenate your skin? Try Dermasweep. It is among the best pregnancy safe facial treatments that can tackle rosacea and other forms of skin discolouration. This exfoliating procedure involves a controlled sloughing of your skin’s outermost layer. During the session, a variable-level vacuum is used to gently remove the top surface of your skin while boosting skin health and promoting rejuvenation. The suction action of the device also enhances the blood flow, thus helping you achieve a radiant and plump complexion. And the best part? Since Dermasweep is one of the best pregnancy-safe facial treatments. It promotes a glowing complexion and soothes any inflammation or redness without damaging the skin.

If you are a mama-to-be, seeking that lit-from-within pregnancy complexion, visit ISAAC Luxe to try these pregnancy safe facial treatments. The skin specialists at ISAAC Luxe will help you find the best treatments that are safe for you and your little one. If you want to learn more about pregnancy safe facial treatments, book an appointment with us, click here.