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Q-Switch Laser Treatment For Face in Mumbai

It is time to say goodbye to dark spots left by acne and other reasons with the latest technology of Q-Switch laser Treatment. 

Q-Switch laser uses the mechanism of invisible laser light that targets only the area of the dark spot without affecting the surrounding skin. 

 Q Switch in Mumbai 

Mumbai has many well-known dermatologists. Especially with it being the epicenter of celebrities, the demand for good skin and hair doctors is high. 

Finding a Q Switch treatment in Mumbai is related to finding a good dermatologist. ISAAC Luxe is one of the best dermatology clinics which offers Q Switch Laser Treatment. 

What Is Q Switch Laser Treatment and How it happens in Mumbai at Isaac Luxe?

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Q Switch Laser Treatment is the new way out of dark spots. So many people have gotten tremendous results with this little to no side effects method. 

The laser light beam creates an invisible beam of light that specifically targets the darkened melanin present only in the dark spots. 

The treatment is made to focus only on the affected area without having any effect on the surrounding skin. 

The melanized pigment absorbs the energy from the laser beam and gets broken down within the skin’s tissues, hence giving you a smooth and even skin tone. 

At the ISAAC Luxe dermatology clinic, the Q Switch Laser Treatment is done with high-quality equipment in the exact procedure, performed by experts. 

Benefits Of Q Switch Laser Treatment

Q Switch Laser Treatment is an effective way of removing dark spots without any side effects. It involves no chemicals and no harsh procedures that leave the skin feeling very sensitive and red. 

  1. Fixes Pigmentation – Q Switch Laser Treatment fixes abnormal skin pigmentation with laser beams.
  2. For Dark Spots – This laser treatment is especially done for removing tiny dark spots left by acne. 
  3. No Chemicals – The laser treatment is done without using any chemicals and thus no residual issues because of that.
  4. Painless – The treatment is really like a feather touch on the skin with a painless procedure. 
  5. Fast Treatment – The entire process takes an average of 15 minutes to complete.
  6. Fast Results – Although the result depends on the skin type and post-care, this process gets faster results than most others. 
  7. Removes Age Spots – The treatment is effective to remove age spots and unwanted freckles. 

Process of Q Switch Laser Treatment For Face at Isaac Luxe? 

Q Switch Laser Treatment at ISAAC Luxe in Mumbai has a very easy and uncomplicated process. It is done in minimal steps depending on the skin type and the extent of dark spot removal.

As the first step, the skin is prepped and the extent of tolerance of the skin to the laser and its sensitivity to other factors is tested. 

The second step is the laser process itself. It takes less than 15 minutes for moderately spotted skin and of course, the timing depends on the skin type and the extent of the dark spots. 

The last step is pretty much in your hands. It is to take care of the post-treatment skin by using the right moisturizer and compulsorily using sunscreen after it. 

Pre and Post Care for the Q Switch Laser Treatment in Mumbai at Isaac Luxe 

Any treatment requires a proper pre and post-care regimen. It is important to prepare the skin for laser exposure and equally important to take care of it afterward. 

Before the laser, the skin is cleansed and a thin layer of carbon is applied to avoid adverse effects. 

Pre Care for the Q Switch Laser Treatment For Face In Mumbai

  1. Diagnosis – The first step is to meet the dermatologist and let them diagnose the issue
  2. Testing  – Before any process, the skin is tested for allergic or sensitive reactions.
  3. Cleansing  – The skin is cleaned to remove overlaying dirt and dust.
  4. Carbon  – A thin layer of carbon is applied to the skin for effectiveness.
  5. Protection – Laser treatment requires eye protection, hence glasses are worn before treatment.

Post Care for the Q Switch Laser Treatment In Mumbai

Post-treatment care is pretty much in the clients’ hands. It requires sincerity in taking care of a skin that was exposed to the laser. No harsh chemicals must be used later on and sunscreen is a must.

  1. Avoid Picking – The skin might take some time to heal and picking can lead to scarring
  2. Soothing the Skin – The skin may burn or turn red immediately after treatment and mild coolants can be used.
  3. Crusts – Laser treatment leaves crusts on the treated area, picking at it can cause scarring.
  4. Sunscreen – A broad-spectrum sunscreen is absolutely necessary after this treatment. 
  5. Regular Care – One should take care of their skin regularly according to their regimen for long-lasting results.

Average Cost Of Q Switch Laser Treatment In Mumbai at Isaac Luxe? 

Laser treatments are affordable in Mumbai. They do not involve any complicated procedures and no expensive machinery that it has to have international charges. 

The treatment is the most sought-after for fixing the skin because of its easy availability and affordability in Mumbai. ISAAC Luxe in Mumbai offers laser treatment at the range of Rs xx to Rs xx. 

Why Choose Isaac Luxe for Q Switch Laser Treatment In Mumbai? 

ISAAC Luxe is one of the best dermatological clinics in Mumbai. It has the best team under the founder of the clinic, Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta. 

Dr. Geetika is an expert dermatologist with a specialization in skin and hair. She has an international diploma in aesthetic dermatology. Her clinic offers .

  1. Best Dermatology Clinic – ISAAC Luxe is one of the best dermatology clinics in Mumbai according to clients. 
  2. Celebrities’ Choice – Being in Mumbai, ISAAC Luxe is the constant destination for celebrities’ skin problems.
  3. All in One Roof – Not only Q Switch Treatment, but ISAAC Luxe offers a wide variety of treatments.
  4. Advanced Technology – ISAAC Luxe has excellent technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  5. Expert Team – All of the dermatologists in ISAAC Luxe Mumbai are experts with tremendous experience. 
  6. Great Service – There is a reason why people prefer ISAAC Luxe in Mumbai over others and one of the reasons is their great service.
  7. Personalized Care – ISAAC Luxe in Mumbai customizes and personalizes skincare for your specific needs. 

Contact the best dermatologist in Mumbai, Dr. Geetika, and discuss your skincare issues. She will give the best skincare advice without any side-effects.