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Reverse Balding

Reverse Balding With These Three Proven Treatments

Get a head full of hair and say goodbye to balding with these remedies

It is normal to crave a thick mane of hair, especially if you do not have the volume. More often than not, with age and various relevant factors, balding is inevitable. Stress, pollution, genetics, hormonal imbalance are a few reasons behind a balding head. But with the latest and advanced cosmetics treatments, you can reverse balding to a significant extent. Here we have listed three such hair treatments that are effective against balding. Read on to find out more about them.


If you occasionally wake up the dead hair on the pillow or witness chunks of hair falling off every time you shower, Progenra is the treatment for you. It is a micro-surgical hair-growth treatment in which regenerative cells are extracted from the patient’s scalp. It is later used to stimulate the area plagued with hair loss.

The treatment is particularly effective against androgenic alopecia. The treatment promotes existing hair follicles, using the healing power of an individual’s cell. These cells are called progenitor cells that turn into active follicular cells.

The progenitor cells are isolated from the sampled tissue and introduced in the target area. As a result, once the repairing is initiated, there is regeneration of hair follicles. The treatment is safe and painless. It is natural and promotes hair growth with results that last up to one year.

Hair Transplant

It is an invasive treatment where existing hair is moved to cover the balding and sparse areas. The surgeon cleans and provides anaesthesia to the balding area. There are two types of hair transplant treatment– follicular unit strip surgery and follicular unit extraction. In the unit strip method, the surgeon separates the strip of resected scalp that contain 500 to 2000 grafts. These grafts are surgically inserted in the target areas.

You will need painkillers for several days after the treatment. You may also have to wear bandages on your head for some time. The downtime of the surgery is two to five days after which patients can resume their normal lifestyle. within six to nine months, 60% of new hair growth becomes visible among patients.

Hair transplant surgery has comparatively low risk. The medical team will be able to advise you best in maintenance, care and ways to manage pain after the treatment. All these together can ensure your recovery is fast, effective and painless.


This treatment helps to restore volume to your thinning hairline. It promotes regrowth of hair and is a non-invasive painless treatment. It is a hair restoration treatment that uses various hair growth solutions to stimulate the follicles.

A solution of ingredients such as biotin, zinc, amino acid and different growth factors is injected into the mesoderm layer. They accelerate the natural regeneration of your hair. You will need multiple sessions based on hair density and scalp condition. Each session approximately takes 30 minutes to complete. On average, a total of 6 sessions are needed to witness significant results. There is no downtime after the sessions. You will notice the results within three months.

The key to healthier hair is proper care and using the right hair products and treatments. At ISAAC Luxe, our experts will analyse your balding pattern and overall health conditions. After that, the right treatment will be recommended for you. We ensure the highest quality of treatment is maintained so that you feel more confident with the results.

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