Scar Treatment

Some injuries left their mark for a lifetime, such are scars. The process of wound repair after injury causes a scar on the skin. Scar consists of collagen, which is arranged in different directions. They are usually long lasting and in most of the cases, it’s hard to dissolve them completely. There are many scar removal creams, scar gel and treatments like needling, chemical peels, silicone gels, surgical treatment. However, there is a popular laser scar removal treatment to eliminate scar completely.

Eliminate scars and marks on your skin at ISAAC Luxe Skincare Clinic. Consult Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, a dermatologist in Mumbai, learn more about the treatments and therapies to get rid of skincare complications.  

How does it work?

ISAAC Luxe is best skin clinic for laser scar removal in Delhi. Our clinic is known for using latest laser technology and machines that help us to eliminate scars in no time.

  • The process starts by consulting and checking scar condition
  • Scar form due to lack of sweat glands and hair follicles
  • As per skin test results, number of the session are planned by a dermatologist
  • Laser technology is best and effective for scar removal
  • One can resume a normal lifestyle back instantly just after the treatment

NOTE: Number of session and treatment effect depends upon the condition of the treated area. Before going under knife must check with your dermatologist for the best treatment plan.

Benefits of Laser Scar Removal treatment at ISAAC Luxe

Clinically Proven

Immediate Recovery

Lifetime Result

Safe & effective

Treatment Highlights

ISAAC LUXE (International Skin & Anti Aging Centre) is an aesthetic clinic that provides a comprehensive and holistic solution to all dermatology-related issues

  • Session Duration: 45 min (Estimated)
  • Gap Between Session: 1 Month
  • Sessions Required: 4 – 6
  • Recovery: 24 – 48 hours
  • Result: 3 – 4 Months
  • Anesthetic: Local Anesthesia
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