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Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Growth In Delhi

Battling hair breakage or hair loss can shake up your confidence when it happens at very young age. If you’re not looking for a hair transplant, stem cell therapy is a viable and technologically advanced solution for hair loss. Visit ISAAC Luxe in Delhi to know more about Stem Cell Therapy Treatment and how it helps tackle hair growth.

Are you looking to get your hair fixed? Look no further than the skin specialist doctor in Delhi, Dr Geetika Gupta at ISAAC Luxe. You can now flaunt perfect skin and hair from your own city. 

What Is Stem Cell Therapy In Delhi?

It is an effective non-surgical transplant therapy. It is a technique that stimulates and helps regrow hair. This new age hair transplant treatment technique is similar to a traditional hair transplant.
The therapy not only helps to fight hair loss but to improve hair growth, texture and quality.

How Stem Cell Therapy In Delhi  Works For Hair

  • The procedure begins with a punch biopsy to extract stem cells from the person. The punch biopsy is performed using an instrument with a circular blade that’s rotated into the skin to remove a cylindrical sample of tissue.
  • The stem cells are then separated from the tissue in a special machine called a centrifuge. It leaves a cell suspension which is injected back into the scalp in the areas of hair loss.
  • A special process is used to remove the stem cells from the fat so that they can be injected into the scalp. This procedure takes approximately 3 hours.
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Pre & Post Treatment Care, ISAAC LUXE

It is a clinically proven treatment. Before the treatment, we do a proper of consultation of your hair and scalp. We suggest all after and before treatment precautions and care (if any) to get best results.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Safe & ApprovedaDoesn’t harm the skin in any way

Clinically Proven

Little or no recovery time


Recover fast

Visible Result


Improve hairs texture & Quality

Treatment Highlights

ISAAC Luxe (International Skin & Anti-Aging Centre) is an aesthetic clinic situated in the heart of Delhi, Vasant Vihar founded by a cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta