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Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Delhi – Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta

Content is medically reviewed by Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta. Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Delhi One of the most important things for a great body is care and maintenance. Grooming is a part and parcel of life. With the changing environment, the methods of taking care of our body, skin and hair have also transformed. In busy schedules, it is difficult to devote time to beauty rituals.  Sometimes you have to show up to a meeting, to attend a party after office hours, go to a wedding reception in the evening, and then you panic because you haven’t waxed our skin and you are really running out of time. Instead of paying for regular waxing sessions why not go for a one-time laser treatment and save money?  ISAAC Luxe (International Skin and Anti Aging Centre) by Dr.Geetika Mittal Gupta is one of the best laser hair removal clinics in Delhi. If you are looking for laser hair removal in delhi, then it is the ultimate place to visit. All the methods and technologies incorporated in the procedure are approved by FDA.  Importance of Laser hair Removal in Aesthetics The Laser Hair removal treatment is a prominent and widely used technique in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Previously it was only restricted to celebrities, and people who could put thousands of bucks. But with increasing means of technology, this method is now available to everyone.  This method focuses on eliminating the annoying, unwanted hair and preventing burns from hot wax and rashes by the razor. This procedure helps your skin look amazing. There are many reputed clinics which provide permanent laser hair removal in delhi.  Growth of Laser Hair Removal in Delhi Within the last five to six years, the techniques of laser hair removal in Delhi have been opted by many men and women. The reason behind the significant incline is that people have got busier in their professional and personal lives. It is very difficult to schedule parlour sessions amidst busy routines. Moreover, the world demands everyone to be the best version of themselves and thus is it necessary that you be the best.  Laser hair removal for men in Delhi The laser hair removal for men in Delhi is extended to the body parts like back, shoulder, arms, legs, chest and facial hair. The laser hair removal price in delhi starts from INR 1,575. The full body laser hair removal cost in Delhi is around INR 47,00. It completely depends on the person’s choices. Laser hair removal for women in Delhi   For women, the laser hair removal cost in delhi is around INR 3000. If you want to go for face only, then face laser hair removal cost in delhi is around INR10,000- 15,000.   The cost of laser hair removal in south delhi starts from INR 2000, on the other hand the cost of laser hair removal in west delhi starts from INR 1500. The Complete Solution for Hair Removal in Delhi The best laser hair removal in Delhi is offered by ISAAC Luxe. Now we have taken this game to the next level by bringing to India the Soprano ICE titanium technology. It is the most advanced, effective and complete hair removal laser treatment in delhi.  This technique has a patented cooling system which reduces the pain significantly and makes the treatment more comfortable. It has also decreased the treatment time by 40%. It works well with all types of skin textures and tones. Why Laser Hair Removal? Laser Hair removal is one of the best means to put the body hair at bay. Every month, you have to hit the beauty parlour, experience painful waxing sessions and sometimes even experience redness and rashes. One stop method for all this is to go for laser hair removal treatment. It is pain-free, risk free and a cost effective procedure. How does Laser Hair Removal work? Laser penetrates and destroys the stem cells that are inside the hair follicle. It  targets the melanin in the hair and burns down the hair follicle and the root. It does not prevent hair growth, but reduces it between 3–7 sessions.  Ideal number of sessions required for Laser Hair Removal in Delhi: Usually, it is advised to go for 6-8 sessions for any particular area. This treatment targets the active hair follicle, and to cover all of them time is needed. But these sessions are again dependent on individuals’ hair type, body type, hormone and stress levels. Any laser treatment for hair removal in Delhi advises you to go for at least 4-5 sessions. How long does one laser hair removal session last? The time taken for one laser hair removal in Delhi depends largely on factors like individuals comfort and the area which needs to be treated. Areas like the upper lip, chin or underarms can take a few minutes, but areas like legs, hand, back body will take around half an hour. Overall, the time is dependent on the individual’s hair and body type .  Why do I have to undergo repeated sessions? If you are wondering why there’s a need to undergo repeated sessions for laser hair removal in Delhi, then you must first understand the hair cycle. The human hair undergoes several cycles. It is only during the active growth phase that the hair the laser is able to penetrate into the follicles and destroys all the hair in that phase. In the subsequent phases, a few hairs which were earlier resting will now come into active phase and the next session destroys them. You will start noticing the reduction in hair growth. How long does laser hair removal take per session?  According to experts who perform laser hair removal in Delhi, it can either take 1 minute if you go for the upper lip to around 30 minutes or more if you go for the back body or any other body part. It entirely depends on the amount of hair growth of the client. Some clients might

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