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Femme 360: How It Helps With Vaginal Tightening

What does it mean, what are its benefits, how it’s done, and more

What is vaginal tightening?

Age and childbirth causes a reduction in the strength of pelvic muscles and an overall loss of elasticity and tightness of the vagina. This can result in painful sex, trouble in achieving orgasms, and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Vaginal tightening procedures rectify these problems by restoring the strength and elasticity of the vaginal muscles, resulting in pleasurable sexual intercourse. While there are many vaginal tightening treatments out there, Femme 360 is a revolutionary procedure that delivers a whole new approach to women’s intimate health by using advanced technology to restore the vagina’s youthfulness.

What is Femme 360? 

The Femme 360 is like a mini facelift for your vagina. One of the latest and most effective advancements in vaginal rejuvenation, it is perfect for those who desire a non-surgical treatment to improve their intimate health. It is a painless, non-invasive procedure that treats both external and internal vaginal tissues. The procedure delivers complete vaginal rejuvenation including labial reduction and vaginal tightening.  

How does it work? 

Following an initial consultation, a team of medically trained professionals at ISAAC Luxe will tailor an individualized treatment plan based on your needs. The Femme 360 comes with a revolutionary 360 design to give you a healthy and youthful vagina in less than 30 minutes. The procedure involves the following steps:

Internal treatment

  1. A gel is applied to the skin around the vagina area. A disposable tip is then used to gently insert a device into the vaginal canal. 
  2. The device is then moved back and forth and the wand heats up to a required temperature creating radiofrequency waves that penetrate deep into the tissues of the vagina. 
  3. The process heats the cells and triggers the production of collagen, enabling vaginal tightening and strengthening.
External treatment

Throughout the external treatment, radiofrequency energy is delivered to tighten and plump the surrounding area, including the labia, which helps enhance its appearance. 

The Femme 360 incorporates a built-in energy flow control system. This helps to deliver a safe treatment and uniform heating without giving any discomfort to the clients. 

What are the benefits of Femme 360?

Femme 360 is an extremely simple and convenient procedure that works to provide the following benefits: 

  1. Vaginal tightening strengthens the vaginal muscles and enables an increase in friction during sexual activities, resulting in pleasurable sex and better orgasms.
  2. It restores the elasticity of the vaginal muscles and helps decrease vaginal dryness and itching.
  3. Leakage of urine can be a common occurrence if you suffer from stress urinary incontinence, caused by a loose vagina. Vaginal tightening treatments, like Femme 360, help treat stress-induced urinary incontinence by strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, thereby allowing you to regain control over your bladder.

What to expect with Femme 360?

The treatment is an advanced, non-invasive vaginal tightening treatment that provides precise and controlled radiofrequency energy to target specific areas. There is no pain or irritation during the internal and external treatment, only a pleasant sensation. It is a short procedure that takes around 30 minutes and optimal results are visible and felt in four weeks after the final treatment is performed. It is also clinically safe and non-surgical with no downtime. Generally, the treatment is conducted across three sessions with a gap of 15-30 days between sessions. 

What is the post-treatment aftercare?

Although the Femme 360 is a simple and brief treatment and the patients can resume their daily activities right afterwards, it is recommended to refrain from sexual intercouse for at least a week after the treatment is performed. For maintenance, it should be taken once every six or 12 months, depending on your condition and the recommendations of your doctor. 

Which clinic should you consider for Ultra Femme 360?

The medically trained professionals at ISAAC Luxe are equipped with the latest technology to deliver the best non-invasive procedures in minimum or zero downtime. After a thorough analysis and medical examination, experienced dermatologists at the clinic will perform the Femme 360 vaginal tightening treatment to give you a healthy and youthful vagina.

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