Tribeam Laser Toning Treatment in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

The tirbeam laser toning treatment is effective in removing large pores and helps in tightening of the skin. It also lifts the skin, removes pigmentations, helps in regeneration of collagen and is also effective in tattoo removal. Tribeam consist of high quality Q Switched High Quality ND YAG Laser which is proven to be efficient scientifically. It is considered by many celebrities and is also a ritual they do before red carpets. People often come to the clinic for the second time to get this done because of how effective it is. 

Tribeam Laser Toning Treatment in Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon Process

Step 1 – the skin is diagnosed by the doctor to determine the extent of treatment required.

Step 2 – the skin on which the procedure will be done is cleansed and exfoliated to remove any restrictions in the form of dirt and dust. 

Step 3 – the laser shoots into the skin in the form of short pulses but with high energy. The pain will be tolerable, almost similar to snapping a rubber band on the skin. 

Step 4 – after the laser injection, the skin will absorb the energy and repair itself. 

Post-Treatment Recommendations for Tribeam Laser Toning Treatment Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

There are a few things that the patient must look after post treatment. It is essential to take extra care after the treatment in the initial days. 

  1. The skin will be sensitive hence, do not touch unnecessarily 
  2. Do not use chemical skin products that might feel heavy on the skin 
  3. Reduce exposure to the sun and apply sunscreen even when you are inside
  4. Drink enough water and focus on taking care of the skin from the inside
  5. Do not wear makeup as it might meddle with the recovery process
  6. Keep your skin clean by washing it twice a day
  7. focus on keeping yourself stress free to accelerate skin’s natural healing powers 


Side Effects of Tri Beam Laser Toning Treatment Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

Side effects are inevitable even though they might be on a very lower scale. The impact of side effects can be reduced with proper care.

  1. It might cause pain that is of the intensity of a rubber band snapping 
  2. The skin might feel sunburned 
  3. Redness might take over the skin after the treatment 
  4. Moderate swelling can be observed 
  5. People have also reported mild irritation 
  6. In rare cases, it can lead to scarring and burning of the skin 
  7. Mishandling of the equipment can cause adverse reactions 


Benefits of Tribeam Laser Toning Treatment Delhi / Mumbai / Gurgaon

There are numerous benefits of tribeam laser tanning and it is also one of the most preferred treatments by skin care enthusiasts. 

  1. Is improves skin quality and removes skin discolouration 
  2. It lightens the dark spots in skin 
  3. It can be done on many parts of the body 
  4. It barely takes 20 minutes for the procedure 
  5. There are mild and manageable post treatment side effects
  6. It is pain free and not invasive at all
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