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Often driven by strong emotions or passion for moments or memories, tattoos are getting more common in India. So should an option of painless tattoo removals. ISAAC Luxe prides itself on being one step ahead when it comes to the best of technology, and brings Tri-Beam Premium, most effective and pain-free Q-Switch Nd:YAG laser near you.

Are you looking to get laser treatment for your skin? Then contact the skin specialist doctor in Gurgaon, Dr Geetika Gupta at ISAAC Luxe to achieve that dream look that you’ve always wanted. 

How It Works?

Tri-Beam offers different beam profiles, to treat all types of pigmented lesions, tattoos and laser toning. It offers Rich-PTP dual pulse technology with maximum speed for faster and effective treatments. Rich-PTP laser toning generates heat at the dermis layer and provides tightening along with toning that satisfies patients with higher aesthetic results.

ANxDY laser uses a beam of light to lighten or completely remove your tattoo significantly. The ink particles are broken up into fragments and later absorbed through your body’s immune system.

Is It Painful?

Some patients say they feel a slight sting, like the snap of a rubber band on the skin. However, some patients feel more comfortable with a local numbing agent, such as a topical anaesthetic.

When Can I See The Difference?

The ink gets lighter and lighter after each session.

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

It entirely depends on the depth and the colour as well as the size of the tattoo. Laser tattoo removal typically needs about 6-10 sessions. Each session lasts for up to 60 minutes every 4-6 weeks.

Pre & Post Treatment Care, ISAAC Luxe

Avoid excessive sun exposure and remember to wear sunscreen at all times.


Treatment Highlights

ISAAC Luxe (International Skin & Anti-Aging Centre) is an aesthetic clinic situated in the heart of Delhi, Vasant Vihar founded by a cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta