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Ultherapy In Mumbai

The only FDA-approved non-invasive procedure for raising the skin on the neck, chin, and brow is therapy. Without any downtime, Ultherapy employs targeted ultrasound to lift and tighten loose skin.

How safe is Ultherapy treatment in Mumbai?

After proving its safety in clinical testing, the technique was approved by the FDA, and more than 100,000 treatments have been carried out successfully across the world. Additionally, ultrasonic energy, and facial lifting in Mumbai has a history of success with more than 50 years of usage in the medical industry.

How many sessions are required for ultherapy treatment?

Most patients only require one treatment, but some may benefit from further ones, depending on how much laxity they have and how their body reacts biologically to the ultrasound and the procedure.

Who is a good Ultherapy candidate?

Anyone whose skin has some degree of laxity to the point that it looks and frequently feels less firm is an excellent candidate for ultherapy in Mumbai. The first indication of “maturing” skin may be something as simple as a depressed brow line or drooping skin on the eyelids. Skin that is too loose around the chin and on the neck indicates a potential candidate. Candidates often have mild to severe skin laxity and are in their forties or older.

Even though ultherapy in Mumbai cannot completely replace a surgical facelift, many people who desire some lifting but are not ready for surgery either financially, psychologically, or physically can benefit from it. Younger folks who wish to “keep ahead of the curve” are another group.

What about treating bodily parts except for the face?

The skin on the neck, chin, and brow can currently be lifted with Ultherapy, a treatment for the face and neck, face skin tightening with a particular therapeutic reason.

How does collagen function? How does Ultherapy promote collagen production?

A natural protein called collagen keeps skin toned and firm,  giving it a young appearance. Collagen weakens with age, making it less able to resist gravity’s impact on the skin’s downward pull. Focused ultrasound is used in ultherapy to provide a thermal effect beneath the skin. In essence, the heat effect kick-starts a repair process that both strengthens already-existing collagen and generates new, healthy collagen.


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    Roshini Bhatia


    Absolutely painless. I would highly recommend this treatment. Dr Geetika  was Amazing walking me through the process and managing my expectations. Best part, it honestly did not HURT, painless. I am so happy I had with treatment with Dr. Geetika. She is really skilled and knowledgeable. The results are amazing – I look younger and rested but still me with no downtime at all!!”

    -Social Media Celebrity

    How long are the outcomes valid for ultherapy treatment in Mumbai?

    Patients who have had CoolSculpting see lasting results that last for at least six months. Longer-term research has not yet been finished. It is understood that when the body is exposed to chilling, the fat cells start a natural elimination process that progressively diminishes the thickness of the fat layer. As with fat from meals, the body’s regular metabolism softly eliminates the fat cells in the treated region. It is anticipated that the removal of fat cells as a consequence of the CoolSculpting Procedure would last roughly as long as the removal of fat cells through invasive treatments like liposuction.

    Can it be done for men?

    Yes! ultherapy in Mumbai is being used on both men and women worldwide.

    Where do I find ultherapy treatment in Mumbai?

    Physicians with experience in facial cosmetic surgery provide ultherapy in Mumbai. Visit the finest Ultherapy treatment facility or a leading skin expert for the greatest outcomes.

    Why ISAAC Luxe Is Best Choice for Ultherapy Treatment

    Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, a Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist, launched the ISAAC Luxe clinic. At ISAAC, we guarantee to jump-start your dead skin collagen and accelerate the synthesis of new collagen. Our specialists are passionate about their work and employ FDA-cleared, non-invasive High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to tighten the skin around your chin, brow, and neck, as well as to improve fine lines and wrinkles (HIFU).

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